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A Chat With Streetwear Designer, Lise Laboratory



Lise Baker in his designs. (@liselaboratory)

Lise Baker is a Filipino streetwear designer known for his intricate and detailed patterns. From his vibrant, and lively color scheme, to his cool, swaggy, and culturally inclined patterns. His love and passion for fashion continues beyond merely clothing. Also, designing a variety of accessories which includes hats, and bags intertwining his expressive patterns and style in the midst of it all. Baker pulled most of his inspiration from his younger years, which motivated and allowed him to transform it into his livelihood.
  1. How did you get started in the fashion industry?/What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion? 
Since I was in highschool I was already fashion inclined. Skating as a kid, I already understood the culture behind the streetwear. It was not just clothes but overall a culture above myself. That led me to pursue fashion within the culture. Now my passion has become my career.
  1. What steps did you take in becoming a fashion designer? What school did you attend? Where did you intern? What brands did you work with before starting your own brand? 
For me to be a fashion designer doesn’t necessarily mean going to a fashion school. You just need the right amount of information and a taste that suits your style. I never attended any school or internship. I graduated in Architecture. I’ve never collaborated with any brand ever but would do one for HIDDEN NY, Phillip Leyesa, Fugazi, Warren Lotas etc. if I’d get the chance.
  1. Being that you have a degree in Architecture, do you think studying this has contributed to the aesthetic of your design? 
Architectural style is very elusive to see in garments. But it is possible to achieve and done by lots of designers like Rick Owens.
  1. The fashion industry can be very competitive. Who are some designers or stylists you would like to collaborate with?
Warren Lotas, Austin Babbitt, Heron Preston etc. too many to mention lol
  1. What provoked the “Lise” logo?
Hand Silhouettes when you have to play with shadows when there’s no electricity.
  1. What are some key facts you want your consumers to know about the brand? 
Since the public demand was asking for it I made the prices high so that the ones who worked hard to secure the bag were the only ones who could get a piece.
  1. What does a typical day in the office for you look like? 
Just drawing designs and creating mood boards.
  1. Due to the global COVID-19 Pandemic, online shopping has increased tremendously. Do you see your brand continuing solely online? Do you have plans of opening a boutique or placing the brand in international boutiques?
Yes, I see the numbers going down a bit. But people still buy the brand regardless of what’s happening. Still I can say the demand is high. And yes I would want a boutique in NY after getting all things settled.
  1. Due to the climax of the international protests surrounding the black lives matter movement, how important is using fashion as an expressive outlet amidst these times?
Basically fashion is the art of clothes. It’s important to use it as a tool of awareness to protect the ones that matter. Which is the black community.
  1. What are your thoughts on the expressive fashion statements and symbolism worn during the black lives matter protests? 
It’s truly a strong message that speaks for change. The fact that fashion today wouldn’t even be fashion without our black brothers.
  1. What piece of advice do you have for upcoming fashion designers? 
Always be inspired. To shape a style is like shaping a sculpture. You need to make precise decisions while being creative at the same time.
Niara Johnson | IG: @Niara._

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