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A Livid Latto Speaks Out Against Blogger



Lattom. Image Source: RCA RECORDS

Everyone has something to say, but it doesn’t always mean they should voice it. However, on March 1, Latto took on a YouTuber whose unsolicited opinion riled her up.

The Issue

Latto seems to be the nucleus of some negative sentiments in the cyber sphere. And it was only a short time before everything went nuclear. A blogger’s tweet went a little like this:

“I thought y’all said this was the one! It didn’t even break Top 50! Let alone Top 20, 10, 5, 3, or NUMBER 1… I was wondering why it was so quiet. 😂😂😂.”

While such a statement could have been ignored, Latto wasn’t in the mood, so she hit back.

Making the Charts Isn’t Easy

No one denies that being a chart-topping artist requires a lot of work. Predicting where you will place on the chart is far easier than achieving that goal. One must always consider the fact that people drive the numbers, and people can be fickle. Jay-Z nailed it perfectly in the lyrics of his hit song Holy Grail. As Justin Timberlake sings in the chorus,

“I just can’t crack your code. One day, you’re screamin’ you love me loud, and the next, you’re so cold.”.

Frankly, the energy of fans changes quickly. So does the music they vibe with.

Latto Responds

Latto took the time to remind Armon Wiggins what it takes to make it on the charts. In so many words, she’s been about her business while others are minding hers. Latto held nothing back as she vented her frustrations. In her words,

“I’m really sick of y’all LOW LIFE GROWN ASS MEN speaking on me! P####! [M############] ain’t doing HALF of what I’m doing but want me to be ashamed of my accomplishments?

Reportedly, the exchange continued, and the longer it ran, the hotter it got until Latto relented. In Latto’s words,

“I quit! For I catch a case!”

That still wasn’t enough for Wiggins, who snuck in one more jab.

Latto The Success

There is so much drama to digest here. But one thing is sure; Artists never have to justify who they are. Their success speaks for itself. Latto has had four releases fall within the top 100. While her last three fell further in the rankings, according to Billboard, her “Big Energy” release made the top three and remained there for 51 weeks. She’s living the life many only dream about. She’s more than proved what she can do. And in reality, some individuals thrive on negativity. For some, it’s nothing personal; this is their bread and butter.

Fundamentally, this discourse went on longer than it should have. But kudos to Latto for speaking up for herself. Haters will inevitably hate there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. As long as Latto has fans who adore her, she’s making money and consistently breaking the records she sets for herself; keeping that big d*** energy, that’s all that matters.

Written by: Renae Richardson

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