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Afroman’s Home Invasion Featured In His Music Videos



FILE: Afroman performs in Edmonton in 2020. / PHOTO BY POSTMEDIA/EDMONTON JOURNAL
Afroman performs in Edmonton in 2020. / Photo by: PostMedia/Edmonton Journal

The classic “Because I Got High” rapper has done it again. Afroman has molded his personal experience and musical talent into two new songs. 

“Will You Help Me Repair My Door” and “Lemon-Pound Cake” features Ohio’s Adams County Sheriff’s department which is going viral via TikTok.

In August of 2022, Joseph Foreman, also known as Afroman, was away in Chicago when the Adams County Sheriff’s department raided the rapper’s property. The sheriff’s department had a search warrant that a local judge signed for drug trafficking and kidnapping.

Foreman tells VICE he can understand drug trafficking, but has no idea about the kidnapping charges, “I guess they heard I was trafficking drugs. I don’t know where the kidnapping charges came from. And what they wanted to do was kill me and then make up whatever they wanted to say.”

During this invasion, deputies are seen breaking down doors, barging in with AR-15 rifles, and rummaging through his personal belongings. His children were home during this raid and found that a portion of his hard-earned money from a gig was missing. 

The end result of the raid left not only left Afroman appalled but questionable, “Why are you stealing my money?” he asks, adding, “You represent the law and it’s funny. You’re stealing my legal-worked-hard-everyday-paid-taxes money.”

In Afroman’s new release, “Will You Help Me Repair My Door”, officers are seen ransacking the property and taking cash. The search goes beyond the extent of moving into another room full of CDs. 

The Adams County Sheriff dept. has a warrant solely for narcotics and kidnapping, yet they seized the room of CDs. 

“ Any kidnapping victims inside my CDs,” he tells VICE.

The Raided Result

Police confiscated a jar of CBD flower, some roaches, and a vape pen. They also took about $5,600 in cash from one of Foreman’s suit pockets which was a payment for a past gig. 

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, reports Foreman’s money is returned but is short $400. Under this circumstance, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation will be handling the issue of the missing cash.

As the singer awaits the return of his belonging there are no charges filed toward Foreman or the sheriff’s department.

The narcotics found and seized are currently being tested. In Ohio, the law indicates that medical cannabis is legal, but only in small amounts for adult-use only.

The cannabis must be less than 100 grams or the penalty is a fine of US $150 according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.   

Consequently, Foreman also received backlash from this invasion. 

I lost gigs because of the kidnapping charge written on the warrant. People started looking at me different.”

Foreman is seen as convicted by the sheriff’s dept. and amongst many others. Clubs began turning away the singer, defaming him for his career and financial stability.

Afroman tells VICE, on the day of the raid he asked the head officer if they were going to help him pay for his door to be repaired. The cop replies “ We’re not required to fix your door. That’s not what we do.”

Upcoming Projects

Above all, Afroman has milestones in his future and it begins with these two new hit songs. 

“Lemon Pound Cake” shows the surveillance footage of police disconnecting his own security cameras and more.

Moreover, last month he did announce his future vision of running for presidential candidacy in 2024. His plan is to legalize recreational cannabis in all states.

A TMZ  report says Foreman has yet to complete his Federal Election Commission paperwork, as an independent runner. 

On Afroman’s Instagram, his campaign manager Jason Savage posted and said in a statement, “My Fellow Americans, There comes a time in the course of human events when change must be affected. That time is now. Americans are suffering, and the status quo is no longer acceptable.” 


Written by Abbi-Rae De La Rosa

Twitter @justabbi_


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