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Akademiks Accuses Saweetie Of Leaking Elevator Fight Video



Akademiks is quite the controversial YouTuber. The public figure who had something to say about the now-viral elevator fight. The fight included Quavo and Back to the Streets rapper Saweetie.

After calling their relationship “toxic and abusive asf,” Akademiks jumped on Twitch to talk about the details regarding the infamous video that has been circulating this week. In the clip of an incident that reportedly happened at an apartment complex in 2020, viewers can see the then couple arguing.

The violent tug with the luggage has had both fans, and the industry says about it and tries to depict what really happened. Artists like Trouble and Boosie even vocalized that they are sticking by Quavo’s side.

Akademiks has now entered the chat and expressed why he thinks Saweetie leaked the video to TMZ. “TMZ didn’t have this video in the tuck. Someone shopped this video to TMZ recently. They paid between like, approximately fifty to one hundred thousand dollars,” said Akademiks. “If they had this video all along, it would have dropped. They just got this video. Why would this video just automatically come out now? Why now?! Who would this benefit?! We have to ask these questions because, again, while we’re not—I wanna be very delicate. We always will side with a victim, but we won’t ever ignore the possibility where someone’s trying to run with a narrative.”

“And Saweetie, it appears that you’re trying to do so,” Akademiks continued. “I think she put this video into the ecosphere and said, “N*ggas gon’ call this n*gga an abuser, yeah.’ You know why? ‘Cause after she told the world he cheated, people were still split half and half.” He added that even if Quavo was unfaithful, he doesn’t believe that Saweetie should have “violated” him on Respectfully Justin with her answer about threesomes.

Check out Akademiks controversial statement here.


Writer: Kacee Marie

Instagram: @iamkaceemarie


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