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Akademiks Facing Severe Backlash after Questionable Clip Resurfaces



DJ Akademiks is learning it’s essential to be careful with what you put out into the world after coming under fire for a statement he made years ago.

Akademiks Salacious Clip Surfaces

Sometimes things resurface, for DJ Akademik’s class is in session, and he’s getting this lesson the hard way. On June 15th, a video reappeared that had the masses looking at Akademiks sideways. He made some very questionable statements about underage girls in the audio clip. And some are looking for his head on a platter.

In the clip, the well-known personality condones having sex with underage females as long as they had college identification. In his words

“I don’t care if she just turned 17 and I turned 21, she’s gonna get this, “d***. That’s on a College Level”

And you can imagine the outrage.

Akademiks Attempts to Clear His Name

People sometimes say things they don’t intend. Sometimes people say things that lack intelligence in their youth. People shouldn’t say some things, and those who dare say them will have a hard time returning from it. Akademiks is doing his best to provide adequate justification. He didn’t waste time trying to clear his name; a primary premise he is making is the clip is taken out of context.

Let’s Proceed with the Arguments

He tried to argue people should look at his statement through the lens of a collegiate dynamic. Then he went on to argue he was referring to a specific case in which he mentions Tyga’s relationship with Kylie Jenner. At the time, he contends Tyga was 17 and Kylie 24.

“Tyga was 24, Kylie was 17, OK? So this is the context, and this is what is important”.

And he made it perfectly clear he was not speaking of him having sexual relations with anybody under 17 or 18.

Skeletons Align

The thing it’s difficult to judge the context based on that clip alone. Like it or not, it sounds bad. It doesn’t help he’s made some other questionable comments about underage girls. Comments he made about Bhad Bhabie were also brought forward.  Reportedly, he made comments about the artist’s breast when she was only 15 years old. After that tweet surfaced, The Source reported that Akademiks didn’t make a comment, but rather he was a victim of hacking.

Akademiks Experience is A Lesson to All

This entire experience teaches one valuable lesson. your deeds will speak for themselves and either convict you or free you. At this moment, people aren’t buying anything Akademiks is saying. He’s got too much on record that points to his irresponsible nature when it comes to speaking on or about young ladies and women. And more than a few people have made it clear he needs to be gone like yesterday. According to one poster,

“Akademiks need to be investigated. I’m not even joking.”

Can the artist talk himself out of this one? That is yet to be seen. This scenario should be a lesson to all to use discernment when sharing what’s on your mind. Some things you should keep to yourself because there will always be a reckoning. 

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Written by Renae Richardson


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