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Album Review: Drake x 21 Savage-Her Loss



Drake x 21 Savage Her Loss album cover. Photo: Getty Images

Drake and 21 Savage dropped, Her Loss a week ago and it is still the hottest thing out!  The October babies planned the album to drop around their birthdays, but 40 caught COVID, which delayed things.  But the delay didn’t affect much as the duo was predicted to sell over 400K in the first week!  This is really a great album.  Let’s run through the work of art!

Her Loss

Drake and 21 Savage set the tempo off for the album with the first song, “Rich Flex”.  I already knew it was going to be something for the club as before the song plays there is a skit.  Drake starts the song off nailing the chorus, while Savage takes the first verse.  The Atlanta rapper raps about his opps (of course) mixed with bars about dissing and stunting on his exes.  His verse cuts out and Drake starts to serenade the beat before it switches up for his verse.

The OVO boss shouts out a few people in this song such as his loyalty to Young Money Cash Money Records and his old ties to CMG.  In his previous songs, Drake has always mentioned his ties to Memphis as well as Yo Gotti.  Fellow Canada artist, PartyNextDoor gets a shoutout as well.  Hopefully, they have new music coming.

As “Major Distribution” starts, you would think it would be one of Drake’s R&B ballads.  But, after he sings for all of 36 seconds, the beat switches again and Drake starts to rap.  Just like “Rich Flex”, this will be played in clubs from Toronto to Atlanta.  They keep the tempo going with “On BS” as 21 Savage starts the song off first before the two trade lines.  They both show off their rapping ability and sound great together over the hard track.  Who knows what else Drake and 21 Savage can do together.

Drake goes solo on “BackOutSideBoyz”.  Here, the 6 God mentions Shelley fka Dram.  Dram’s biggest song, “Cha Cha”, came out in 2015 and Drake made “Hotline Bling” in the same year.  Dram felt Drake jacked “Hotline Bling” and approached him about it years ago.  Drake is letting people know things didn’t go well for Dram in that situation.  Later in the song, he raps:

“She a 10, tryna rap/

it’s good on mute”

Many felt he was talking about Ice Spice since he flew her out a few months ago, but shortly unfollowed her on Instagram after that.  Ice Spice even addressed the line on her Twitter page.

Both 21 and Drake floated on “Privileged Rappers”.  They make it look easy over the easy listening beat, causing it to be one of my favorites off the album. I just have one question: who are these privileged rappers that they are speaking of?  They transition on “Spin Bout U”, making a song for the ladies.  With a 90s sample in the background, the Slaughtergang CEO lets his woman know what he would do for her.  Drake comes in after 21 doing what he does: making a catchy chorus so it’s impossible not to sing along to.  The Toronto rapper shares his take on a big issue in the United States today.  He starts to rap:

”Damn, just turned on the news and seen that man who never got p**** in school/

are making laws about what women can do”

This is aimed at the men who overturned the long-standing Roe v. Wade Act, which allows women to have abortions legally.  Drake follows Savage’s lead and assures his woman what he would do for her since she is worth it.  In another ballad for the women, Drake dominates the song and starts off first in “Hours In Silence”.  He influences 21 in this as he actually has him sing a few lines!  Drake’s second verse reminds me of the Drake we are familiar with: pouring his heart out over a woman in a somber tone over a slow, dark beat.  It seems like Drake still hasn’t changed in the women he likes and the way he treats them.

You can take “Treacherous Twins” in a couple of ways.  Twin could mean friend or lover in this case.  In both of their verses, it seems like they are talking about both their friends and women.  Drake references “dawg”, but also mentions that he’ll lay something down for you.  Similar to what he said in “Spin Bout U”, I assume he is talking about a woman again here as well.  Another catchy chorus, Drake gives us a few Instagram captions by the way.  What they do on “Circo Loco” is pretty cool.  A play on a pop classic, Drake and Savage turn it into a club hit.  In the first few bars, he does a play on the Megan thee Stallion shooting rapping:

”This b**** lied about getting shots, but she still a Stallion”

Lil Yachty went on to clear that up on Instagram stating that Drake wasn’t talking about Megan thee Stallion.  He was talking about women who lie about getting their body done.  Unfortunately, social media already made their minds up and shamed Drake.  A few lines later, he brings up Ye again.  He raps:

“linking with the opps, man I did that shit for J. Prince/

yeah I did it for the Mob Ties”

Drake may be responding to Kendrick Lamar here.  On Kendrick Lamar’s album, Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers, he said he was surprised Drake and Ye made up.  Drake just assured us they are not cool.

Like we already didn’t know, but Drake and Savage let us know what is on their minds, “Pussy & Millions”.  They tapped in Travis Scott, in a beat that seems to be perfect for the Houston rapper.  But his mind is actually on billions (& p**** as well).  Drake lays a great chorus, making it sound effortless per usual.  The duo comes back to the theme of the album and deliver another slapper!  On “Broke Boys”, they boast about their pockets in the almost four-minute-long song.

Drake gives us the best Drake (in my opinion) on “Middle of the Ocean” as he just talks to us for almost six minutes. He slows down the tempo to talk his shit.  21 Savage said he encouraged Drake to really say what is on his mind all throughout the album, no filter.  Drake picked the right beats to do it on as he switches to the classic AZ and Nas beat, “Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide”.  The OVO boss must’ve took what his friend said to heart.  He decided to speak on Serena Williams’ husband, Alex Ohanian’s, calling him a groupie.  The boy was on one!  My favorite part of this song is at the end.  He has Birdman talking to lead the song out.  Him and Stunna still locked in after all these years is amazing!

21 Savage watches from the sideline again as Drake takes over on “Jumbotron Shit Poppin”.  Drake is just popping off on this quick track.  He’s not talk big shit anymore, he’s talking Jumbotron shit now!  21 is back on “More M’s” and starts the song off in a sound he excels on, which is a Metro Boomin beat, his favorite DJ.  Drake comes in and confirms that no one can compete with him in a Verzuz.  He claims he can go for 5 hours in a Verzuz!  Who could compete with that?

Now, I know what everyone was thinking once they saw the tracklist for Her Loss.  Everyone assumed Drake would go in on “3AM on Glenwood”.  He is famous for his timestamp and location songs, such as “9 Am in Dallas, 5 Am in Toronto, and 6 Pm in New York”.

To everyone’s surprise, 21 Savage took over this track and he did it just right.  Taking advice from Drizzy (I’m sure), 21 executed it just like the 6 God would: giving us his thoughts, feelings, and straight bars!  Just like every other rapper, I think he has something for Kim Kardashian as he mentions her multiple times on this tape.  Drake ends the tape by himself in Drake fashion.  On “I Guess it’s Fuck Me”, Drake serenades the women in his life.  This song is a great ending for a great album!  Hey, if it’s fuck me, then it’s her loss.  Right, Drake and 21 Savage?

Her Loss Grade

Overall, I rate this album as “Platinum”.  The new duo might have set the standard for joint albums. There’s nothing 21 Savage and Drake did wrong here.  The songs suits both of their styles and is something both of their fanbases will appreciate.  I never thought about a 21 Savage and Drake album, but I guess it’s the sound we didn’t know we needed.

Written By: Brandon Simmons


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