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All Three Missing Detroit Rappers Found Dead Inside Apartment



Missing Detroit Rappers Found Dead
Armani Kelly, 38, Dante Wicker, 31 and Montoya Givens, 31. Image source: Missing In Michigan, Detroit Police Department.

This unusual case of three missing rappers’ murders in Detroit, Michigan, caught the nation by storm. The mystery is still unfolding.

After two weeks of no answers, a set of missing Detroit artists have been found dead in Highland Park Apartments. Armani Kelly, Dante Wicker, and Montaya Givens were planning to perform on Jan 21 at East Detroit club Lounge 31. However, the event was unexpectedly canceled due to technical equipment issues, according to Michigan police.

Canceled Concert Turned Tragic

Detroit News reports the authorities tracked the missing rappers down using their cellular data. Apparently, the abandoned apartment building packed old construction materials where someone buried the victims. Someone also shot all three men prior.

Armani Kelly had communicated with his girlfriend the night of the canceled event, but texts and calls ceased around 7:30 pm.

In late January, Michigan police apprehended a 15-year-old boy after law enforcement caught him driving Kelly’s Chevrolet Equinox without a license. According to the unnamed boy, a man in the area had demanded he takes the car from Schoolcraft Rd.

After tracking down the older man, police discovered he already had an outstanding warrant for fraud. The individual went into custody for questioning on Jan 30. However, it’s unclear whether the arrest and the recent shootings link. 

“All I want is someone to tell me where he’s at so we can go home, and I can lay him to rest,” Kelly’s mother said in an interview. “Deep in my gut and in my soul and in my heart, he’s gone.” Only hours later, somebody found Kelly along with Wicker and Givens.

On Feb 2, police began their forensic investigation to determine what happened that night. Unfortunately, the investigation may take longer than usual due to a severe rat infestation.

For now, many details surrounding the murders remain a mystery. With all three men planning to perform in the same venue on the same night, it’s certainly an eerie crime.

Written by Dreema Carrington 

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