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Amid Blueface’s Legal Woes, His Mother Said “Don’t Ask About Bond.”



Blueface (Johnathan Porter) has become a recurrent topic of conversation. Most of the attention has revolved around his and Chrisean Rock’s tumultuous public relationship. However, on November 15th, the artist’s name appeared across headlines once more. This time Porter made the news for a much more shocking reason. Police arrested the young artist outside a Lo Lo’s Chicken and Waffle establishment in Las Vegas.


The charge was unbelievable. Blueface faced charges of alleged attempted murder and the public discharge of a firearm.

This news shocked many. However, the newest development, a video featuring Blueface’s mother stating she didn’t want to hear about her son’s bond, was equally shocking:

John Porter (Blueface) and his Mother (Karlisa): Chaos and Tumult

According to sources, it is no secret that Blueface and his mom haven’t always seen eye to eye. But what she went on to disclose on social media has a lot of people shaking their heads. Unfortunately, like most of the events in Blueface’s life, this sad scene is playing out publicly for the world to see. Unfortunately, it has become a tragic sideshow.

Following her son’s arrest, Karlissa had some things to get off her chest, and air her grievances, she did. In what appeared to be a moment of exasperation, she said, “Y’all got to be some of the slowest people on the bus,  And that wasn’t the only thing that his mother had to say. She also said, “Me, his father, my husband, and Jaidyn paid for the song ‘Thotiana,” and helped create your artist for you. So don’t talk to us about no g**damn bail money.” Check out the Instagram video here.

To many, that was eye-opening but a sad and sobering reality. Yet, at the same time, some were flat-out bewildered by the statement.

What does it mean?

It only indicates that Blueface has a strained relationship with his mother. And it’s something that outsiders will not understand. It is not for them to understand. One’s family dynamic is predicated on family history and interactions outside the limelight. And such is off-limits to the public, as it should be.

What about his bond?

Reportedly Blueface has been released. $50K in bond was posted for the artist. Who posted bail? Based on his mom’s Instagram convo, it wasn’t her, but someone did. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Jaidyn, the other lady in Blueface’s life, maintains that Blueface and Wack 100  have hit her up in her time of need. And if one listens closely to his mother’s statement, she mentions how Jaidyn has been of help to Blueface financially in the past. However, a November 16th Twitter post indicates that it’s more than likely Chrisean and Wack 100 that got together the bond money.

Despite the details, for now, Porter is home. And so the drama continues to unfold. Porter (Blueface) is scheduled to appear in court for a hearing in January. However, a lot can happen between now and then, but no matter what, FM Hip Hop will provide the latest coverage.

Written by: Renae Richardson

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