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Ari Lennox Gives Update On Amsterdam Arrest



Yesterday, November 29, the Dutch military police arrested singer Ari Lennox at an Amsterdam airport. 

The 30-year-old singer arrived in Amsterdam for the Soul Train Awards, where she performed her newest single, “Pressure.”

However, the trip turned sour when she tried to leave the country.

The military police claimed that Lennox disturbed the public order by threatening airport security while drunk. Although they believed Lennox to be in the wrong, the singer had a reason to be angry.

Lennox stated that the airport security was racially profiling her as she made her departure. This conflict led to, as stated in a previous article, a series of Twitter posts by Lennox. 

“I’m being arrested in Amsterdam for reacting to a woman racially profiling me,” one of the tweets said.

After the arrest, Dutch military spokesman Robert van Kapel said:

“Dutch military police, who are responsible for security at Schiphol Airport, held Ari Lennox because of her aggressive behavior towards an airline official. She threatened the staff of an airline and security at the airport, and because of those threats, she is now interrogated.”

Ari Lennox’s Update

After Ari Lennox’s series of tweets on Twitter, fans, and followers waited for updates on the singer’s status. Fortunately, Lennox’s manager, Justin LaMotte, gave a positive update.

“Hey, everyone. Ari is safe and appreciates the support and everyone checking on her,” he said on Twitter.

That’s it for the update. Hopefully, the military police will handle the proceedings publicly since the news started from Lennox’s tweets. If not, Lennox and her manager will update her fans and followers. For now, we’ll have to wait for more from the singer. 

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Written by Anthony Jamal Bicy | Instagram | Twitter

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