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Ari Lennox Trashes Abusive Relationships – Picks Up Self-Love And Family



R&B singer Ari Lennox is now very clear about what she wants from a relationship.

Ari Lennox has no more to do with abusive relationships. Ari now wants a “nice” person, as she also talked about in an entertaining interview with the Breakfast Club Power 105.1FM.

Although it sounds all like a joke, Ari doesn’t seem happy with the experiences she had dating up-and-coming rappers “they just won’t say it ’til like, you like them. And it’s just like, ‘Well, I’m ’bout to go to the studio.’ What?! Why?! What studio?”

And it didn’t stop at that. Ari Lennox has learned a lesson from a relationship with someone who “pretended like the singing part didn’t even exist” and “always kinda diminished everything about me,” Lennox explained.

Ari is a 2022 nominee BET Award for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist Nominee.

Meanwhile, the Breakfast Club interview isn’t the first time Ari Lennox has been talking about the matter recently.


Before the release of her album “Age/Sex/Location” on Sep 9, Ari took some time explaining to J.Cole what the new album meant to her. The “Queen Space” artist recalled the past. 

“I spent so much time seeing the god and good in some abusive people,” Ari Lennox’s message reads. “Neglecting my needs and self-worth. Romanticizing terrible people. Ignoring red flags… my opinions and those knots in my stomach when interacting with people I’m dating.”

And now, that’s in the past. “No more tiptoeing. No more docile. Providing grace and compassion to myself. Blocking those that no more serve me or just literally not responding… Allowing accountability and maturing…growth to happen…self-worth and self-love and inner work to happen,” Ari added.

What Next For Ari Lennox?

It is time to allow “desperation and neediness to fade…The end of searching for anything other than self-love and family. Pouring into me and giving the greatest love to me.”

The situation with her father, where they are not on talking terms now, “sucks.” It is one of the areas needing Lennox’s attention now. “I wanna continue my therapy alone, but I think that would probably be best because I know these are things that I’m even carrying into my dating life, you know what I’m saying…I do wanna be more compassionate because he went through a lot, you know, with foster care and abandonment issues and all kinds of like dark things, so I do recognize like why he is the way that he is,” Ari said.

Family Relationship Lessons for People

Several people identify with Ari’s father-daughter relationship issue.

Ama Deon feels so connected to the development. “I relate to her life and her music. Her disappointment came from dad, mine come from both, and it literally bled into my personal life. I’m forced to heal now, alone, so I get it ari,” he commented.

A father in a similar situation makes a case for such parents. “Man Im going thru it with my oldest daughters. Definitely made me choke up seeing Ari and thinking of my girls. But Envy is right. Parents need grace and forgiveness too. We arent perfect and most of us literally are doing the BEST WE CAN,” Damien Taylor said.

VonRay confessed that “as a father, it actually affected me seeing her get sad and choked up when she started talking about her issues with her dad. One thing is for sure, watching your daughter(s) cry will hit you hard every single time. No matter what the situation is, he needs to reach out and they need to heal together once and for all. Ari, y’all are in my Prayers….️”

And so many more prayers for her and different families going through stress and strain continue beyond the social media spaces.

Written by Nonye Aghaji

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