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#FMSpotlight: Civ Is Anything But Your Average College Student



#FMSpotlight: Civ Is Anything But Your Average College Student

Civ Is Anything But Your Average College Student, He’s Much More Than That

Matthew Civitano, also known as Civ is a student at Muhlenberg College, where he will be a rising senior. Along with academics, he sings acapella while also working on his own creative content for the music industry. His latest single “Kissin’” came out a few months ago. We met with Civ for an interview discussing future plans. We are excited to see what else Civ has been working on!

Civ And The Interview

Q: What inspired you to write “kissin”?

A: “I write music with my manager and we have been writing music for a long time. We heard a beat from this violinist, and the beat was called ‘kisses’. There’s just always that feeling about kissing a certain someone. I wanna be with that one person but just not for one night, but for a while.” -Civ

Q: How would you describe your music style for kissin and other songs in the works?

A: “Kissin is a pop song, but I have always wanted to be more than a pop artist. For my other music, I focus more on melodies than the beats. I have a good voice and I want it to be recognized. Most of the other stuff I’m working on focuses more on r&b with a pop lense” -Civ

Q: During quarantine, what have you been working on for your music? Any upcoming albums or music videos we should look out for?

A: “I am releasing a new song ‘Kim’ super soon, I actually just finished the song. So, it should be up and streaming within the next month! All of quarantine I’ve been working on music. I have been helping mix other music as well as working on my own content. If I’m not at work I lock myself in my home studio. We thought about doing music videos but it’s hard with quarantine, so I am focusing on my own content as much as I can. ” -Civ

Q: After your graduate college, what are your plans in terms of music

A: “I’ve always said music is something I want to do for the rest of my life. Because of the connections I’ve made while making my own music, I think focusing on music full time is a major possibility. If it’s being an artist or helping with audio production, I love music and I would love to see myself do it full-time after I graduate”

Civ’s Biggest Role Models Revealed In The Interview!

Q: Who has been your biggest inspiration in the music industry and why

A: “I don’t think I could give you a single person because I like to use different elements of different artists for my own content. I love Daniel Ceasar, Drake, but my biggest influence is Justin Bieber. I’ve gotten comparisons to him before because of our style in music and our similar talents. I like Bieber’s newest album and his songs have definitely influenced my process with creating content.”

Q: If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be?

A: “If I’m considering opening for an artist, I would want to open for someone who would be able to relate to my own music. My top three would be between Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, or Drake. But regardless of the artist I would love to open up to draw people in my music and join the Civ family”

Civ in the flesh. Photo from @civsound, Civ’s music account, check it out!

Civ Is Just Getting Started

With Civ working and soon releasing another amazing single, it’s clear that Civ is here for the long haul! New music is coming soon from Civ, as we heard exclusively from him! As one of his peers, I have been able to watch Civ grow and do amazing things with music. We cannot wait to see what else is in store!

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