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Asian Doll Walks Out VladTV Interview Within Minutes



Asian Doll walks out on DJ Vlad interview after he previously "mocked" her. Photo: VladTV.

Asian Doll sat down with DJ Vlad on Monday (Feb.7) at VladTV for a talk. Just as the interview started—it ended. DJ Vlad was at the brunt of criticism from Doll as she speculated that he “mocked” her following Von’s death. Unfortunately, DJ Vlad could not have prepared for the tongue-lashing she had prepared. While she was, as usual, dolled-up, this sit-down was less than pretty.

“I ain’t even gonna lie to you, bro, I just feel like a lot of people were just playing with me when Von died,” Asian Doll began. “A lot of people thought this shit was funny.”

Asian Doll ended the short encounter with VladTV by adding, “…I really don’t fuck with Vlad. I don’t like you. I don’t fuck with you.” She then walked out of the studio.

Asian Doll also posted the interview recording on Instagram. She captioned, “SUCK MY **** VLAD!!” “Thought it was funny when I was grieving when Von died just to ask me can you interview me lol look how the tables turn CLOWN…GOOFY,” she continued.

On top, the artist went on Twitter to comment on the matter.

Where Is VladTV’s Compassion For Asian Doll? Is There Any At All?

King Von’s death rocked the nation of fans and loved ones. His life came to a tragic end following a rowdy confrontation outside Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta. Unfortunately, he died from gunshot wounds.

Asian Doll shared feelings surrounding the Von with Taraji P Henson on Peace of Mind With Taraji. After his death, she expressed her “whole world just crashed.” Although they had just broken up days before his death, the impact was just the same. Von’s death took its toll on Asian Doll, publicly and privately. She, however, does not play around with anyone who takes their relationship lightly.

Asian Da Brat’s fans have shown an outpour of support in her drastic dealings with DJ Vlad. Although vulgar, they show compassion which is what Asian claims Vlad did not show her. With jokes of her tattoos commemorating her lover’s life, seemingly diminishing her care for the feelings of those who simply do not relate.

Since this is still a topic of discussion, everyone awaits Vlad’s response. That is if he will be providing any insight at all.

Written by Antoinette Ford

A southern charmer from Georgia who loves hip hop culture and the change it brings to the world. I want to capture what lies beneath the surface of every action and lyric and express it through the eyes of the originator.

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