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“Average Joe” Second Season: Gripping Drama From BET+ Set For A Riveting Comeback



Average Joe
"Average Joe." Image source: Paramount Corporation.

Returning to BET+ is the brilliant ensemble of “Average Joe,” headed by the legendary Deon Cole. In the modern entertainment industry, shows only survive for one season before being canceled. So, this announcement is sure to excite loyal fans.

Deon Cole Shines In “Average Joe”

“Average Joe” was released to the public on June 25, 2023, by BET+. With a compelling plot summary and Deon Cole as the lead, it was a show that had fans buzzing with excitement. By exploring more serious and ominous topics, Cole broke away from his typical comedic roles.

According to the plot summary, Joe, a blue-collar worker and plumber, learns about his father’s double life and the risks. Joe must navigate dangerous individuals who believe he still has the money. This set the stage for intense and gritty drama. Nevertheless, Cole is an accomplished actor with a stellar resume, including an NAACP Award and more than 20 years in the business. So Cole rose to the challenge, bringing his A-game to every episode.

Anticipation Builds For The Second Season Of “Average Joe”

This riveting Pittsburgh-based feature series is based on the life of Robb Cullen and invites viewers to tune in weekly for hour-long episodes brimming with drama.

Cole, who played Washington in the original, will be back for more, as will Robb Cullen, McG, Corey Marsh, Mary Viola, and Deb Evans, among many others from the creative team. Even though the premiere date for season 2 has not been confirmed, fans can certainly look forward to an even more intense season.

In a press release, the President and CEO of BET Media Group, Scott Mills, took great pride in stating, “Average Joe is a prime example of exceptional storytelling—a thrilling story rooted in authenticity, relationships, and family drama, sprinkled with perfectly timed humor—all of which deeply resonated with viewers. We are eagerly anticipating what the second season will bring.”

We Got You

Keep an eye out for the premiere date right here on FM Hip Hop.  Until then, here’s the season one trailer. And if you want to catch Season One in its entirety before things crank up a notch, “Average Joe” is currently streaming on BET+.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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