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Baby Keem Puts Fans Safety at the Forefront



On Tuesday Baby Keem made a difficult choice that put the safety of his fans first and foremost.

On, March 8th Baby Keem began the Michigan leg of his Melodic Blue Tour. However, due to extenuating circumstances, he was unable to deliver the performance he was hoping for.

What Did He Do?

According to a source on the Michigan leg of Keem’s tour, he stopped his concert. Fans were disappointed. However, the artist had a perfectly good reason. Keem reportedly took the initiative to put the safety of his fans first.

During his performance, Keem was made aware of a structural issue in the concert hall. Rather than waver he immediately acted. In the words of the performer,

“The floor is cracking so for y’all safety and everyone’s safety [the show is canceled]. Detroit, I love you.”

Of course, no one likes rain on their parade.  However, the adage better safe than sorry is a great tenant to live by.

Remembering a Tragedy

The masses remember the tragedy of the Travis Scott concert. FM Hip Hop kept continuing coverage as events unfolded. By now it is an understatement that safety is a necessity. And we all have a part to play from the performer to the fan. Unfortunately, it becomes sad and sobering when personal interest surpasses concern for the fan. Fans are the sparks that keep the flame of hip-hop ignited.

Since the Travis Scott tragedy, there have been various incidents that could have been prevented. In the same token, there are those who took the same position as Keem. We look at both respectably to further our practice when providing the best experience possible for fans.

Keem’s Responsibility

The source notes that the floor of the venue appeared to be wobbly during the performance. So continued force could have inevitably led to a collapse. Undoubtedly, structural concerns are obviously not in the artist’s prevue. He is simply there to perform. When it comes to oversight and social responsibility the artist bears as much culpability as those who oversee such issues. The hard facts are Keem was alerted to an issue that could prove fatal and he moved. That takes character.

Keem’s Promise

Before he signed off Keem ensured fans this would not be the last time, they would get to see him in concert.  The artist concluded by saying

“Believe me when I say I’ll be back!”

Given the character he has shown that gives fans a little more ease in knowing the artist’s word is bond.

Further Keem Updates

The Melodic Blue tour is still underway When there is an update as to when Keem returns to Michigan FM Hip Hop will provide the coverage

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Written by Renae Richardson


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