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Belly, The Weeknd, and Young Thug Link Up for New Single “Better Believe”




Belly, The Weeknd, and Young Thug came together in a new single and music video, “Better Believe”

Three big names came together to release a single, titled “Better Believe,” on Thursday. Unsurprisingly, Belly, The Weeknd, and Young Thug are three names fans were excited to hear on the same song. So far, it is safe to say the collaboration did not disappoint. On the track, the three artists take their turn rapping about their struggles with success and haters praying on their downfall.

“Fuck with my name could be fatal, none of my [friends are] stable, they turn a crown to a halo”

The music video features the three artists in different locations. We see The Weeknd in a stylish suit doing donuts in an all-black car at night. Following that, we see a car on fire behind him. Belly similarly does his verse from a car, following the Weekend’s lead with fire blazing behind him. Young Thug delivers his verse with women around him, showing off his watch and fit. The three make it clear in the video that they are powerful, above the average, and successful.

“Baby we ain’t in the same bracket, they riding waves this is Lake Placid”

The song will appear on Belly’s upcoming album, See You Next Wednesday. This has fans excited for other potential big names to appear on the album, considering the instant success and general positive rating from fans. Belly set the bar high with this track and its features, and no one is surprised!

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Written by Hannah Botnick | IG @hcbotnick | Twitter @hbbotnick

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