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Benny the Butchers Postpones Show Due to non-COVID Hospitalization



Benny the Butcher Hospitalized for non-COVID related incident

Earlier yesterday morning Benny the Butcher entered the hospital for a non-COVID-related illness. Reportedly, the incident is related to complications resulting from asthma. It is unknown whether the rapper had a serious attack or whether there was some other complication. Regardless, as a direct result of this hospitalization, his show scheduled for yesterday evening at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit is postponed indefinitely.

What Happened to Benny the Butcher?

At the time of writing, it is unknown what actually happened to Benny or how serious his condition is. We do know some things, however. Benny’s spokesperson states that the incident is asthma-related and has no connection to COVID. Furthermore, Mike Powers has confirmed that Benny does occasionally use an inhaler.

Although the rapper had just holla’d at his homie the day before, something must have taken an unfortunate turn.  Benny had to postpone a show which was scheduled for last night. The show’s new date has yet determined.

According to Benny’s Instagram, ticket holders will have nothing to fear and will still be able to see the show once Benny has recovered.

Praying for a Speeding Recovery

In the U.S., 10 people die from asthma-related incidents every day. While asthma can be deadly, it is usually survivable. That is if the patient receives proper treatment early enough. Thankfully, those around Benny are taking good care of him. Despite this, it could take between 1-3 weeks before Benny is feeling back to normal.

In the interim, Benny has received an enormous outpouring of love and support from fans on Instagram and Twitter.


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by Chris Colasurdo
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