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Bevel Honors 50 years of Hip Hop with a Respect Due Experience



Bevel Honors 50 years of Hip-Hop
Bevel, Respect Due Experience. Image source: LinkedIn.

Throughout the weekend of Jun. 30 and Jul. 1, Bevel celebrated not only ten years of innovation in the grooming industry but also 50 years of Hip-hop excellence. The respected company honored the passage of these crucial markers with an interactive experience entitled Respect Due.

Hip-Hop And Cultural Expansion

Hip-hop has grown exponentially since that magical evening in 1973 in the Bronx. What began as seedlings of a human experience shared through rhythm and rhyme have branched into a canopy of experiences. Hip-hop has become an all-encompassing culture that includes music, film, fashion, grooming, politics, language, and so much more. One can see that influence in these areas, whether domestically or abroad.

Birth of HIp-hop

Image source: Essence.

What Is Bevel?

Bevel is a Black-owned grooming brand founded in 2013 by a young enterprising African American named Tristan Walker. Walker used inspiration as a springboard, and Bevel was born. Bevel was driven by more than just a desire for profitability. Rather, it was born from Walker’s desire to meet a need he saw in himself and in the community. 

In an earlier interview, Walker expounds on the journey that led to developing a major enterprise in the beauty/hair industry designed with Black men in mind. As a result, Bevel’s presence in the community has not only been welcomed but championed.

Even some well-known Hip-hop icons have spoken of the brand’s excellence. As Yahoo notes, “Today, Bevel offers body, shaving, hair, skin, and beard products and has received praise from Black icons like iconic rappers Nas and Big Daddy Kane, music producer Ryan Leslie and so much more.”

Tristan Walker of Bevel

Image source: Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Bevel’s Due Respect

Last weekend, the public enjoyed a special offering presented by Bevel. Even some elite in the community stopped in to show their support. Among the guests were Tyler Lepley and Lance Gross, who was caught on camera taking part in a top-notch grooming experience. The offering was a nod to Hip-hop, and its years of growth demonstrated through the unique styles in grooming and beauty within Hip-hop and the wider community.

Hats Off To Bevel

Bevel continues to be a mainstay in the community and a much-needed offering. So today, we take the time to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit which Walker embraced, for it is a measure of pride to see a member of the community employ their creative genius and exercise that potential to bring something special to the community. And an extra measure of gratitude for that corporate team for showing appreciation for the culture that has impacted Bevel’s success.

Written by Renae Richardson

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