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Beyonce Rises to the Top: Second Highest Net Worth Amongst Black Female Cohorts



Beyonce. Image Source; Getty Images

Beyonce has worked hard for the accolades, awards, and status she has achieved. Undoubtedly, every barrier she breaks and every achievement she earns is a testament to a work ethic of the highest caliber. And just as she has done many times before, she is once again crashing through yet another glass ceiling. According to the most recent research, Beyonce now owns a claim to another position of affluence. She has amassed the assets to position herself as having the second-highest net worth amongst her Black female industry peers.

That Sister

The research was conducted by social commentators who run a platform by the moniker That Sister. That Sister is a platform designed to uplift and positively promote the culture. As noted,

“That Sister is a Black-owned lifestyle website for positive black women, black men, and other races or genders who are fans of the culture.”

That Sister provides a broad array of content highlighting various achievements of the Black community. Their research and methodology are typified by a system of providing insights through ranking.

Beyonce: In the Top Three

That Sister recently turned their research toward Black females in the Entertainment industry and a comparative analysis of their standings based on net worth. The findings were compiled to assimilate a list of the top ten. According to the current findings, Beyonce comes in with a net worth of $500 million, positioning her behind Oprah, who ranks first with 3.5 billion. Halle Berry comes in third with a net worth of 90 million.

It only takes a little to see that even amongst the top three, a significant amount remains between their calculated net worth, an indicator of its own. Despite that obvious observation, one cannot deny the aspirational value behind the revelation of such knowledge.

Beyonce: A Portfolio of Success

According to Insider, in 2020, Forbes listed Beyonce’s net worth at $400 million.

Now it seems that her net worth continues to climb. What does that mean? Fundamentally she is doing something right. Her asset management skills are top-notch. It also means that she continues to grow. Beyond what people see of her, she keeps her head in the game and her entrepreneurial sense on swivel. It also says that she is a good steward of what she has earned. Part of that stewardship rests with making smart money moves and being a giver. As Insider also notes, in 2020, it was reported that her company BeyGood and Twitter founder were combining their resources to contribute $ 6 million to mental health efforts, which was especially significant given the time of uncertainty.

Growing Her Assets

The Insider also notes that much of her income came from her touring, endorsements, and music; she also has equity in her husband’s Tidal platform. On top of that, she has had several partnerships and entrepreneurial ventures, from fragrance to clothing. So there is no denying that she has earned every bit of her net worth.

Top Ten: Black Women of Affluence and Influence

Beyonce is only one of the ten. The list includes Whoopi Goldberg, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Zoe Saldana, Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, and Alicia Keys. It is a list that speaks well of the efforts of all these women and the strides they have made in the industry. As a spokesperson from That Sister notes,

“Seeing women like Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg, women whose careers started in the 1980s, alongside modern artists like Halle Berry or Alicia Keys, serves to inspire young women of color across the globe.”

It speaks of progress and the broader recognition of the efforts of women of color. Not to mention it reminds all of us of what is possible when one aspires to achieve.


Congratulations to Beyonce and the other nine women who have carved out massive affluence and influence. We see you and most assuredly salute you.

Written by: Renae Richardson

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