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Beyond Riches: Navigating Parenthood With 21 Savage



21 Savage Parenthood Advice
21 Savage. Image source: Burak Cingi, Getty Image.

21 Savage recently engaged in a conversation with Shannon Sharpe, during which he shared thought-provoking insights on parenthood.

In an interview on Club Shay Shay, 21 Savage expressed his belief that broke parents are better than rich ones. According to the artist, financially struggling parents have more time to dedicate to their children, making them better parents.

In his own words, “When you’re broke, you got way more time. So, you’re there for like a lot of sh*t.”

The statement raises an interesting perspective on the relationship between financial status and parental involvement. Does he have a point?

21 Savage Discusses Balancing Celebrity Life And Fatherhood

21 Savage, a father of three, acknowledges the challenges of parenthood, emphasizing that being a celebrity doesn’t make it any easier. Balancing his career and maintaining success poses difficulties, often leaving him with less time for his children.

He expresses dissatisfaction with feeling like he may not fully fulfill his parental duties due to the demands of his job, stating, “I be feeling like I don’t be doing all the way my job because of my job.”

This dilemma raises the question of whether facing financial struggles, as he suggested earlier, might be a better alternative. But is being poor better?

Facing the Facts: The Struggle Of Childhood Poverty

The data outlined in a 2021 American Progress article highlights a troubling reality, revealing that almost 11 million children in the United States currently live in poverty. The article emphasizes that over 4 in 10 children live in households grappling with basic expense challenges, and seven to eleven million children experience difficulty accessing enough food due to financial constraints. Regrettably, the presence of hungry children does not translate to well-adjusted outcomes. Hunger isn’t the only issue that families in poverty face.

Challenges, Stress, And Strained Relationships

According to information from the National Library of Medicine, poverty doesn’t necessarily translate to being better parents. A cited study indicates that qualitative findings uncovered a variety of challenges faced by parents from low-income families. These challenges often led to increased parental stress, making these parents more prone to adopting harsh parenting practices that negatively impacted the parent-child relationship. Consequently, having more time in such situations doesn’t necessarily result in stronger relational bonds.

21 Savage And Complexities Beyond Material

Certainly, individual experiences vary, and our perspectives are frequently shaped by personal encounters. 21 Savage’s viewpoints mirror this diversity.

Balancing time and employment presents challenges for all parents, irrespective of their financial status. There isn’t a universal solution that fits every circumstance.

21 Savage’s assertion, “Gifts and sh*t matter, but they don’t matter at the same time,” highlights the ongoing complexity of the issue. It emphasizes the ongoing need for deeper consideration beyond material aspects in the realm of parenting.

Closing Thoughts

Parenting is tough, and sharing experiences helps others who can relate. 21 Savage deserves respect for striving to be the best parent within his circumstances. Hopefully, he finds a balance that works for him. What are your thoughts, dear readers? Do you agree that broke parents might be better than rich ones?

Written by Renae Richardson 

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