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Big Daddy Kane, Apologizes For Mistaking ASL Interpreter For A Crazed Fan



Big Daddy Kane apologized after making headlines for aggressive behavior toward an ASL interpreter last week. On January 14th, Big Daddy Kane entertained the crowd when he noticed a man on stage whom he believed to be a crazed fan. Kane reacted before asking any questions, giving the guy a couple of pushes. However, Billy Sanders was an American Sign Language Interpreter.

Big Daddy Kane’s Actions Go Viral

After the incident, a video began circulating showing Kane pushing the interpreter several times. The video went viral. The masses weren’t cutting the artist a break. With the understanding of what occurred and the lack of information revealed to the public, Kane wasted no time making his apology public. Did Big Daddy Kane need to go to social media and apologize? Well, no, because Kane had already brought apologies immediately after the incident.

A Misunderstanding Leading to a Flare-up

Why did the artist push Sanders? Simple, no one informed Kane an interpreter would be on the stage. So seeing Sanders shocked him. Thinking that the ASL interpreter was some deranged fan, he acted. Sounds logical. The artist backs up his sentiments when Big Daddy Kane apologizes publicly. As Kane said,

“I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff in my life. But I would never try to disrespect an interpreter that’s doing sign language for the deaf community onstage.”

Big Daddy Kane Apologizes And Addresses the Smoke and Mirrors

Kane made another critical point in his video. According to Kane, there was also video footage of him apologizing after finding out Sander’s identity. Somehow that footage never made it to mass media. That’s not surprising. Because If the video of Kane’s apology were made public, no big headline would exist. There would be nothing for the media to sensationalize.

Manipulation of Mass Media

Mass Media can be manipulative. Generally, seeking out stories and reporting them is the media’s job. But unfortunately, some outlets specialize in creating and re-crafting stories where none existSo, it is always wise to dig before making knee-jerk criticism.

Big Daddy Kane received a lot of flak for a mistake he apologized for on the spot. But that wasn’t a good news story. So here we are.

Nevertheless, today we are happy that the “Ain’t No Half Stepping” artist took responsibility for his missteps and moved with integrity after gathering understanding. These actions speak well of his character. With that said, our sincerest hope for the future; is for fans to use a little more discernment. Not everything that is presented is as it seems.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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