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Big Sean Pays Respects to Buffalo Mass Shooting Victims



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See how a bighearted Big Sean is offering some positivity in the face of the unspeakable tragedy in New York.

Big Sean shows support

Detroit star Big Sean has paid a visit to the Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York which was the location of a senseless mass shooting in May. The incident took 10 lives, all of them being black men and women.

The ‘Big Bank’ rapper posted a series of photos on Instagram this week showing the market memorial site. The parking lot section of Tops is currently packed with bouquets, notes, and other tokens from the grieving community. Coincidentally, Big Sean’s tribute falls on the same day as the supermarket reopening. Before last week, (Jul 15) Tops shut its doors indefinitely in wake of the shooting. Now, it’s time for Buffalo to begin a slow path of healing.


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“Exactly 2 months after the massacre, Tops is back open, stronger than ever n ready for business,” Sean typed in his caption. In addition to this sweet sentiment, he commented under his own post “Prayers up for da world.”

One of the images in Big Sean’s photo set is a poster displaying the Tops management team. The sign reads: “we promise to be your friendly neighborhood store that has what you want while saving you time and money” in addition to this, it features the faces of all six managers proudly smiling. To honor the victims and acknowledge Thursday’s reopening, company leaders, management, and local citizens of Buffalo said a prayer and had a moment of silence.

Tops Prayer

Another image in Big Sean’s tribute is a large plaque dedicated to the 10 victims. “May this memorial stand as a loving tribute to those who lost their lives on May 14th 2022.” It reads.

The message continues, “Let the hopeful healing waters flow//Ushering in a rebirth of our sense of self//Let the flowing waters remind us of time// Current yet fleeting like life itself// Large yet within reach just as the ancestors.”

“Let the hopeful healing waters flow//Cleansing all pain and fear//All hurt and regret//Let the water heal our people//Reminding us that even our small marks on this huge world are necessary.”

“Let the hopeful healing waters flow//Let the water tell the stories of those that came before us//Those who fought and believed for us//Those with the strength and power of a high tide//Those with the meekness of a still pond/ Let the beauty of the unknown offer comfort and hope/ For within water there will always be life.”

Currently, the shooter Payton Gendron is pleading not guilty to federal hate crime charges. Gendron, who live streamed the event on Twitch, could potentially receive the death penalty if found guilty. While an official decision on capital punishment still hasn’t been made,  progress has been made in getting the victims justice. Gendron was indicted on all 27 counts last week.

If you’re interested in helping out the community, You can donate to the Buffalo 5/14 Survivors Fund on All proceeds go directly towards victims and survivors.

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