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Black Girls Code Team Up With Ciara For A New Challenge



Ciara. Image source: Monica Schipper.

Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to empowering young girls through their STEM Initiatives. Their latest creative offering, the Build A Beat Challenge With Ciara, aims not only to encourage increased participation in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. It also aims to highlight the exceptional creative talents of young girls globally by combining music and coding.

What Is STEM

STEM, is an acronym for Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math. But it represents more than a set of initials; it embodies a systematic approach to learning. Pearson emphasizes it as a teaching philosophy integrating four disciplines into a unified program, delivering instruction in real-world applications and teaching methods. This is not an effort pursued in isolation. Many institutions and educational groups actively focus on advancing initiatives in these fields and addressing existing gaps, particularly in the context of the evolving industrial complex.

According to Pearson, roughly 71% of STEM careers are in computing, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The high demand for computing professionals is logical, given the increasing reliance on digital technology in various aspects of life.

Consequently, the emphasis on greater attention to STEM is not just a call for progress but a push for preparedness and a pathway to success.

What is Black Girls’ Code

Founded in 2011, Black Girls Code is a non-profit dedicated to engaging girls of color in computer programming education, nurturing their interest in tech. The organization achieves this goal through various methods, including partnerships with volunteers, schools, and other organizations. They have developed both virtual and in-person learning initiatives tailored for girls aged 7-25.

While the primary focus is on coding, the mission extends beyond. The organization’s efforts are driven by a passionate desire to equip the target demographic with the knowledge and confidence to realize their dreams.

The latest initiative, “Build A Beat Challenge with Ciara.” is part of the CodeAlong Program, a collaboration between Black Girls Code and GoldieBlox, a girl-power multimedia company. Furthermore, this marks the second collaborative effort between Black Girls Code and Infosys Foundation USA, demonstrating their commitment to creatively expanding their vision.

Details About The Build A Beat Challenge With Ciara

Infosys Foundation USA sponsors the Build A Beat Challenge, specifically targeting girls aged 13-18. The challenge encourages participants to showcase their creativity and coding skills by programming their own songs for a chance to meet Ciara. The contest, which starts on November 14 and concludes on December 31, 2023, will be judged by industry experts.  The panelists include MC Lyte, Crakg King (music producer/entrepreneur), BoykinZ (Tik Tok sensation), Bosko Kante (Artist/Producer), and James Cuthbert (Rock the Bells President).

This is a one-of-a-kind contest.  Not only does this opportunity offer tangible rewards, but a rewarding learning experience. Not to mention, the participants will develop a product they can be proud of. It’s an effort to create a rich educational opportunity, depth of learning, and inspire creativity, which Ciara supports. As the star notes

“I am proud to be supporting this initiative and empowering young people to take their passion for music and use it to develop technology skills that can give them a leg up in life.”

Additionally, Ciara is proud to collaborate with an organization whose goals closely align with those of her charitable organization, which she runs with her husband, Russell.

Further Info

If the Build a Beat Challenge with Ciara captures your attention, additional details are available here. For those aware of individuals who are intrigued by this distinctive experience, ongoing registration information is accessible here.

Upward and Onward

Knowledge serves as a cornerstone of hip-hop.  FM Hip-Hop is committed to preserving and championing the foundational principles that have propelled hip-hop into the formidable global force it represents today and will continue to be.

We extend heartfelt wishes for tremendous success to Black Girls Code and to every young and ambitious woman who is passionately working towards showcasing their intellectual, creative, and artistic expressions. May their endeavors contribute not only to their personal growth. But may it also contribute to the enrichment and diversity of the broader creative landscape.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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