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‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Emanuel Released Following Animal Abuse Video



Ceaser Emanuel
'Black Ink Crew' Star Ceaser Emanuel Released Following Animal Abuse Video/VH1

Ceaser Emanuel is no stranger to making headlines for the wrong reasons. On Wednesday, June 23rd, a video surfaced of Ceaser Emanuel abusing his pet dog. After widespread public outrage from both celebrities and fans, VH1 cut ties with the tattoo artist.

His neighbor’s security camera caught the Black Ink Crew star on video, throwing the dog outside of the house. From there, Emanuel kicks the pup, before repeatedly beating it with a folded lawn chair.

VH1 took to Instagram on Thursday, announcing they will no longer be working with Emanuel. He has starred in all nine seasons of Black Ink Crew to this point.

WARNING: Please be advised that the following video contains graphic content that some viewers may find upsetting.

Emanuel’s co-star, Donna Lombardi, reposted the video on her Instagram, calling for charges to be pressed. She stated in her caption, “Your karma has been adding up for years, but to do this to two innocent dogs!?! This is crazy. CHARGES NEED TO BE PRESSED, and CANCELLATIONS NEED TO BE MADE.”

Ceaser Emanuel’s History of Abuse

Lombardi also commented on accusations that Emanuel hit his daughter. She went on to accuse VH1 and Black Ink Crew of actively protecting Emanuel by maligning her relationship. Fans also expressed their ire, with one comment stating, “CANCEL THIS F**KING B***H DAVID EMANUEL AKA CEASER FROM BLACK INK CREW.”

This is by no means Ceaser Emanuel’s first accusation of abuse. He allegedly attacked his daughter while she was in the shower over dirty dishes, as previously mentioned. Crystal, his daughter’s mother, has accused Ceaser of abuse on multiple occasions. In fact, she filed court documents to prevent him from seeing their daughter or even entering a ten-mile radius of her.

Ceaser is yet to respond to the video, neither confirming nor denying the accusations of animal abuse.

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Written by Evan Montgomery



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