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bobby shmurda
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Bobby Shmurda had recently been released from jail. While living life to the fullest, the rapper has some words of wisdom for other rappers in the industry.

bobby shmurda

Bobby Shmurda tells rappers to avoid chilling in the hood.

Hip Hop DX reports that on Wednesday (May 11), Shmurda was interviewed by DJ Self at Power 105.1. In the interview, the artist weighed in on rappers hanging out in the hood and how it can negatively impact their careers.

“I see n-ggas say this, ‘Don’t leave the hood,’ you gotta leave the hood, bro,” The Miami rapper stated. “You gotta leave the hood you can’t be in the hood, bro. Cause the hood is like you gotta understand when you come from them ends, it’s struggle. When you come back to the hood, you come back to bless the hood. You don’t come back to chill in the hood and have police cause you got enemies. The more famous and richer you get, it’s the more angry that the people didn’t like you and you sitting there in their face all day.”

Shmurda went on to say,

“You think police won’t get mad? ‘I was locking this n-gga up and now he’s walking in with all this jewelry. If they’re mad at the dope dealers, what the fuck you think they gonna do to us?”

Bobby Shmurda isn’t the only rapper to share his opinion about the hood. Many other rappers have also shared their experience returning to the hood, revealing negative outcomes. According to FM Hip Hop, back in April the rapper sat down with DJ Akademiks on his “Off The Record” podcast. He told Akademiks that all rappers have worked with a snitch at least once in their career.  Shmurda noted, that people in the industry are not street but are civilians. Seems like the rapper has set his priorities straight since coming home from jail, as he is staying out of the hood while keeping a close eye on those around him in the industry.


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