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Bobby Shmurda Announces Autobiography In The Works



27-year-old Bobby Shmurda, fresh off his seven-year prison sentence, has revealed he’s working on an autobiography.

After being released, Shmurda took to Twitter to share several stories of his life. One of his stories was recording his smash hit “Hot N***a” was made for $20, in one hour. He also shared his need for sex therapy, insight on label drama, and old photos of him as a child.

While telling those stories, Shmurda came up with the idea of writing an autobiography. So, back on Twitter, he gave us a taste of how exciting the first page would be.

“I just started writing my autobiography & my first page more lit than yo daddy’s daddy whole life,” his post read.

Bobby Shmurda’s Writing

He didn’t give any more details, just spoke about how excited he was writing it. There is no title or release date yet. However, it’s safe to assume that he will include his childhood in Brooklyn and his recent imprisonment.

The responses to the tweet were mixed. Some fans barked at Shmurda to make another song. Others joked about whether Shmurda would be the one writing it because of the poor grammar in his post.

Few comments supported his decision, and he seems fine with it. Three days before the tweet, he posted about chasing dreams.

“Too many people got a DREAM that they never chased, then go through life and be angry they never tried. Let me remind y’all Hot N***a took $20 for 1 hour of studio time in the hood to create, and that 1 hour of FOCUS changed my life and everyone around me FOREVER.”

Now, the rapper will write down old tales and new dreams, and share them with the world. Shmurda also joins other rappers like Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, DMX, and others who’ve penned their own autobiographies.

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Written by Anthony Jamal Bicy | Instagram | Twitter

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