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Boosie Badazz Blames His Twitter Suicide Wishes to Lil Nas X On Russia And Keeps Fighting Gay Agenda, Now Under Random Tweets



Source: The Breakfast Club

Lil Boosie allegedly wished Lil Nas X suicide on his Twitter account. He blames his off-color homophobic rant on Russian hackers. Yet, it still doesn’t stop the rapper from going on more crusades.

Boosie Badazz Blames His Twitter Suicide Wishes to Lil Nas X On Russia And Keeps Fighting Gay Agenda, Now Under Random Tweets

Boosie’s hateful tweet to Lil Nas X

On Twitter, Boosie now claims that Charlamagne Tha God is “EGGING THESE PEOPLE ON [his] SHOW WITH THIS.” Moreover, Charlamane is apparently “USING PLATFORM TO SUPPORT NASxn his ANTICS.”

Boosie also accidentally sent his rant to some random Aux God’s Tweet about the 19th anniversary of Paid in Full instead of Charlamagne. Watch the whole Twitter convo below.

Boosie strikes Charlamagne Tha God

It seems as though Boosie was trying to address the recent Charlamagne interview with TS Madison on Breakfast Club. During the interview, Madison talked about homophobia in the Hip-Hop community. “It’s rampant out there because people’s spaces are being felt like it’s threatened,” Madison said. “Like Boosie, n***a, what is you bothered with Lil Nas X for? You the same man who had a grown woman perform fellatio on your young son.”

Charlamagne responded with the same concerns about queerphobia. “None of them have the right to say Lil Nas X is a detriment to kids,” Charlamane claimed. “If you’ve ever rapped about violence towards people, celebration of drugs using or selling, you don’t…nah, you can’t stand on that moral high ground. Not just for Boosie, that goes for everybody.”

Charlamagne responds to Boosie

On Wednesday, Charlamagne responded to Boosie’s comments on the Breakfast Club spreading gay agenda as well.

“I’m on the side of Blackness, first and foremost, I’m gonna send Boosie healing energy,” he said. “I don’t even know what I got to do with it. … TS Madison had the words for Boosie, not me. … The Breakfast Club, to me, has always been a platform for Black voices, same way Boosie can come up here and express himself, TS Madison can come up here and express herself.”

“Russians” Strike Boosie Badazz

Here is the easy formula of success. If you have no talent and your music doesn’t sell- talk stupid shit on the Internet. If you spoke too much stupid shit on the Internet and got called out for it- blame it on homophobic Russian hackers! Lil Boosie did so with his suicidal tweets.

Boosie’s camp reportedly told that he ‘says crazy thing son social media, but that definitely wasn’t him.” The same insider stated that “Someone is trying to frame him, and make [Boosie] lose his Twitter [account].” The insider also added, “possibly Russians..”

The question of why Russian hackers need to frame the needless man with a rough middle-age crisis and an unhealthy obsession with the LGBTQ+ community remains open.

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Written by Nikita Serdiuk

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