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Boosie Badazz Hurls Verbal Tirade at Police, “Man This Is Harassment”



According to IHeart, on Tuesday, July 12th, a traffic stop turned into much more for Boosie Badazz and a driver.

 What Went Down In Georgia

Boosie and a fellow driver were pulled over in Georgia due to window tint and hidden tags. Reportedly when the police walked up, they smelled cannabis. This prompted them to search, wherein they found a bag of weed and some cash. After this, they put both in cuffs, having them wait. 

Things went south quickly. There is a song entitled the Devil Went Down to Georgia. Today the world knows Boosie went down to Georgia, was pulled over, and some interesting things took place. 

Boosie vs. The Police

The artist was anything other than patient with the waiting process. It wasn’t long before the artist began to threaten the officers. His tirade began with promises to sue the police. In his words,

 “I gotta go to y’all superior and file charges man this is harassment.”

But the verbal tirade did not end there.

Boosie Had a Lot More to Say

It was apparent Boosie wasn’t letting things go at the threats. He went from threatening to giving the officers a breakdown of his unfortunate history with the police and legal system. But, no matter what he was spilling, the officers weren’t budging, and his compadre wasn’t saying a word. So Boosie continued. 

He Won’t Quit

Given the litany of responses pouring forth, Boosie was feeling the pressure. The next item on his agenda was making proclamations of violence if the incident ended in arrest. The artist went on to say,

“I’m a spit on every f****** in that b***h. I’m a make you charge me. I’m a show you how I get down when I get locked up.”

Digging a Deep Dark Hole

One would think he had said more than enough. But once he got going, there was no stopping him. He took things to a whole other place. Boosie’s following string of statements was dangerously close to bribery. He went even as far as trying to offer the officer some favors, possibly in exchange for his release. According to Boosie, he had a harem of women at his house, ready to please the men if need be. 

“I got like 35 hoes sucking dick at my house right now. If anybody wants their dick sucked,”

After that, no one will deny that Boosie had gone to a place he couldn’t come back from. 

Reflection Time

Today’s a new day to look back and reflect. Whatever the artist was feeling that day came out in his endless ravings. He was all over the place. Unfortunately, the exchange was caught on video. Not sure if the officers pitied Boosie, were frustrated, or didn’t care. They eventually let both go giving Boosie and the driver two citations.

 Tuesday was a tough day for Boosie indeed. Today is perhaps an even tougher one with him having to rewatch and live down everything he said. Maybe it’s not so tough and it is simply another day in the life of Boosie.

Written by: Renae Richardson

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