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Where’s MJ: Boosie’s Upcoming Movie Premiere



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Where’s MJ Movie Premiere

Boosie Badazz is premiering his new film Where’s MJ this Sunday. The Louisiana rapper will be hosting two screenings at Clark Atlanta University, the general public showing is at 3 PM. There will also be a private showing at 7 PM. The film appears to have a Christmas tone combined with some hood hijinks. The film features many social media mainstays including Desi Banks, Grove Hero,  and Rob Kazi; along with hip-hop and reality TV legend Flava Flav and the late rapper Trouble. From the trailer, it looks like the movie will be an excellent addition to the growing resurgence of independently produced films from Black creators. Check out the trailer for Where’s MJ below:


Boosie’s Growing Film Company

This isn’t Boosie’s first time as a filmmaker. His website features several movies he’s produced and/or directed starting with My Struggle in 2021. Earlier this year, he released Water Boyz The Movie featuring the acting debut of Corey J. The young hip-hop artist hails from Mississippi with past appearances on CNN, The Ellen Show, and VICE’s Noisey alongside Young Thug. 2010 saw Boosie begin his acting career appearing in Ghetto Stories. It also featured Webbie, Bun B, Tyrin Turner, and Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander.


The Resurgence Of Independent Hood Films

Recently, there has been a resurgence in support for independent Black film creators. One platform this is most evident on is Tubi TV. Over the past few years, the streaming service has seen a rapid rise in original Black productions such as Crosses, Plug Love, McGraw Ave, and many more. However, this isn’t a new trend; many classic Black films that are held in high regard today were independently produced. Films such as 3 Strikes, Friday, The Wash, Boomerang, Civil Brand, Gang Of Roses, and the majority of John Singleton’s early work were all produced with small crews and budgets. The successes of films like these helped to legitimize the selling ability of Black creatives to the powerhouse studios. It’s great to see Boosie and his team carrying on this legacy for a new generation.


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