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Rapper Bow Wow Wants Top Exec Position at BET- “The People Have Spoken”



In a series of Tweets on Monday, Bow Wow made it clear he was interested in taking a position as the next President of BET or Director of Programming, after a fan suggested it on Twitter.  “My only dream now is I want to take over BET. I want a high position,” he tweeted. I was blessed to host but now I want an office. I want to run and come up with content for the network. I know what they missing. All you have to do is listen to the people.”

From 2012 to 2014, Bow Wow was the host of BET’s 106 & Park. The show aired its final episode in December 2014, and over the years, critics and fans have expressed their concern about BET’s decline in the pop culture structure.

Bow continued, explaining the “dream list” of changes he’d make to BET’s content and shows, including reintroducing previously cancelled shows like Rap City, Cita’s World, BET’s Uncut music video series, and College Hill, all of which fans seemed to agree with.

“Yo @bet y’all need to hire me in the office! The people have spoken!,” he tweeted. “I have major plays and ideas that can turn the network around and get back to the forum with a new touch. We need to speak this week.”

As a major icon in the Hip-Hop industry, it’s only right that Bow Wow would apply for the Top Exec position at the BET Network. He revealed just how far the BET Network has declined. “BET forgot what made them HOT! The MUSIC!!! breaking artist etc.… music shows that mattered. Now it’s like lifetime. Just a bunch of sitcoms. Do you know the only time there is music on BET IS when there is an award show? Think about that. Like 3 x out the year. That’s crazy!”

Bow Wow also mentioned that hot artists like Mulatto, Lil Yachty, and NLE Choppa never received the opportunity to be on a hot show like 106 & Park. A Twitter user suggested that he should instead look to REVOLT, but the rapper revealed that he tried to speak with Diddy but plans didn’t work out.

“Puff is the culture! He wouldn’t give me the position I want,” said Bow. “BET will. I can show case that a 33 yr old black man can run a billion dollar company. It would showcase my executive skills more with BET!” After bringing the discussion on Clubhouse, Bow said he now has a meeting with the network.

Stay tuned to see how it goes.


Writter- Kacee Marie

Instagram: @iamkaceemarie

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