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Bronx Native Max Milly storms NY with hot new single



Max milly
Max Milly is starting to make a name for himself even though he’s been in the game for some years,
Milly’s lyricist’s sound is not the average New York rapper delivery you get. He does have the swag that all New York rappers have embedded inside.  
He brings an aggressive, rebellious yet infectious energy to his lyrics and flows. It can remind you of some of the top artists hailing from New York today.
Influenced by his upbringing in the Bronx, he got his passion for music from a young age.
“My father owned a case of CDs from a lot of different artists like Tupac, Biggie, Mary j Blige, Michael Jackson, The Lox & many more! I used to play every artist in that cd case until it was time for bed & I couldn’t sleep without listening to music.”
On his return from jail, Max Milly released his first single “Securus”. He wrote this while incarcerated.
The song has over 500k on all major streaming services, so it’s safe to say that Max came home ready and hungry.
Now, his new single “Strictly For The Trenches” is doing big as well. It has over 109k views on YouTube. Max is showing no signs of letting up and is determined to keep HipHop in New York going.
Writer|Kacee Marie| Instagram| @iamkaceemarie

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