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Cardi and Offset’s Home Flooded by Hurricane Ida



As Hurricane Ida spins out off the northeast coast, it leaves behind it a trail of destruction and clean-up. Two people all too aware of this are Cardi B and Offset.

Hurricane Ida spread its storms all around the eastern US, and Atlanta, Georgia got theirs. With high winds, torrential rains, and a few tornadoes, Georgia was drenched and nearly blown away, thanks to Ida. Flooding was reported around the Atlanta area, ranging from some water damage to flooded homes. Cardi B and Offset found themselves somewhere in the middle.

For the “WAP” and “Bodak Yellow” rapper and the Migos member, it was a sloppy watery mess, courtesy of Ida.

In her Instagram story, Cardi shows areas of standing water all over her and Offset’s home, saying: “What the f***? This s*** is so f****** whack! F***.” As she makes her way from the hallway to the bathroom, she says, “Oh, my god, it’s starting to stink!”

The caption in the video reads, “Storm is no joke.” And in another video, she says, “This storm ain’t no hoe.”

Cardi and Offset share the $5.5 million Atlanta mansion, which they purchased on Christmas Eve of 2019. They intend to raise a family there, with their three-year-old daughter Kulture and Cardi’s second child on the way.

As we saw last week, Hurricane Ida has caused serious damage across the eastern half of the country. From power loss and flooding in Louisiana to massive flooding, tornadoes, and more tragic deaths across the country. The hardest-hit areas are New Jersey and New York, where nearly fifty people have died. The storm was so powerful that at one point it managed to change the flow of the Mississippi River. The US Geological Survey calls this “extremely uncommon”.

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