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Celebrating The Big Day



Has It Already Been A Year?

Time always manages to go back so quickly! A year ago, Chance The Rapper released his most recent album The Big DayThe amazing album is compiled with 22 tracks and amazing features with Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby, Gucci Mane, and so many other artists. In honor of the one year anniversary, it’s the perfect time to be celebrating The Big Day. 

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The Best The Big Day Hits!

While all of Chance The Rapper’s songs stood out in their own unique ways, there are a few fan favorites to be especially celebrated!

  1. Hot Shower” featuring Dababy and MadeinTYO
    • “Hot Shower” is the best known song off the album. The hit is also his most popular song still according to the Spotify Charts in Chance’s artist profile! The big hit off The Big Day gives off some cool freestyle vibes while accompanied by DaBaby and MadeinTYO. DaBaby delivers an iconic verse towards the end and he kills it! The teamwork between the artists worked perfectly.
  2. All Day Long” featuring John Legend
    • One of the best yet underrated songs off of The Big Day, which is why it has to be celebrated even more! Chance The Rapper brings fans back to Coloring Book, but especially “All We Got” in the intro saying “and we back” and the signature “Igh”. Chance brings in a beat that’s easy to bump to in addition to his fast yet memorable verses!
  3. Ballin Flossin” featuring Shawn Mendes
    • The dance vibes off “Ballin Flossin” is just unbelievable! It’s such a fun song. Shawn Mendes opens up the song in the chorus only to introduce Chance The Rapper’s fire verses! It’s almost impossible to not get the tune out of your head.

Celebrating The Big Day Each Day

Chance The Rapper always manages to amaze fans with whatever he does. Every song he’s made is unique in its own way. The Big Day was Chance The Rapper’s most recent album, hopefully soon we’ll get another incredible album from the artist.

Sydney Geller | IG: @sydneyyyyy_g |

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