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Certified Lover Boy Rumors Are Confirmed by Drake



Canadian rapper Drake confirmed the cover, and release date of his upcoming album Certified Lover Boy. The most famous actor from Degrassi‘s cast posted the updates on Instagram. He posted a picture with the cover and wrote, “CERTIFIED LOVER BOY SEPTEMBER 3.” You can look at the cover artwork below.

Certified Lover Boy Rumors Confirmed by Drake

Source: @champagnepapi Instagram

Drake’s Certified Lover Boy and Conflict with Kanye

Drake’s Certified Lover Boy is releasing amidst the rapper’s conflict with Kanye West. A couple of weeks ago, Drake featured on Betrayal, a part of Trippie Redd’s album. In the song, Drake had called Kanye “burned out.” He also had stated, “Ye ain’t changin’ shit for me.”

Kanye West responded to Drake with multiple text messages and doxing. In the alleged group chat with Drake and Pusha T, Kanye’s text said, “I live for this. I’ve been f***ed with by nerd ass jock n***** like you my whole life. You will never recover. I promise you.” Mr. West has also sent a picture of Joker to his peers.

Kanye also had published Drake’s address on Instagram story. However, he deleted it shortly after. Drizzy later responded with a video of him laughing in his car.

The artists have had an ongoing beef since 2018. The most known part of the conflict is the fact that Drake has a son. This was mentioned by Pusha T on The Story Of Adidon, as he also was a part of the conflict on Kanye’s side.

Fans seem to be heated up before the release. Kanye’s and Drake’s albums were also allegedly meant to release on the same date of September 3. However, Kanye’s new album Donda was released on August 29, against the artist’s say. Not only was the release published earlier, but it also lacks Jail 2 track featuring DaBaby.

Overall, expectations are very high. One can only wait and see if the conflict will keep developing through the album or if it’s just a compilation of romantic songs from Drizzy.

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Written by Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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