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Chance The Rapper Speaks on Viral Video of He and Ye



In a recent interview, Chance The Rapper took an opportunity to give insight into a viral video that has many tongues wagging. 

The Video With Chance & Ye In Question

A video has been making its rounds where it appears Kanye is going off on Chance. Not only has it raised many eyebrows, but it has also made some again call Ye’s sanity into question. Some have even questioned where Chance stands in his friendship with Kanye.

Kanye is known for his explosive personality. In some circles, Ye’s been deemed genius; in others, he’s scorned as over the top and insane. Opinions come a dime a dozen. It doesn’t help when the media capitalizes on some of your worst moments. 

Exploitation is the Name of the Game

Kanye has never kept his issues hidden. When it has come to his struggles with mental illness, he’s been more than transparent. One would think that would lead people to give him the benefit of the doubt. Optics are everything. And in reaching the level of fame he has ascertained, not much of his life isn’t under the microscope. This has negative implications. Given the opportunity, people will result to advertent exploitation; this never plays in Kanye’s favor, especially on his not-so-good days. 

All Eyes on Chance

Like other videos of Ye’s explosive outburst, this video also spurs massive chatter. Given his experience with Ye, Chance the Rapper had a few things to say regarding his friend and the situation. So true to fashion, Chance offered a genuine response to an overblown problem. 

Chance the Rapper’s Response

According to Chance, he’s had the opportunity to have a close friendship with the artist for a while. He also admits that he has never really been there for the episodes that Ye has experienced that have become fodder for mainstream media. When he did manage to witness one of Ye’s breakdowns, it prompted him to re-evaluate his and Ye’s friendship. 

The Real Truth

Chance also made it clear that taking things out of context is easy. Mostly, people only get to see a portion of what occurs during a situation. It’s effortless for people to draw exaggerated conclusions without understanding an entire case. Context is everything. In talking about the current video, Chance says,

“Yeah, people do take it and run with it; I have seen people put like fake captions under the video to make it look like he [Kanye] was talking about my music or something.”

But Chance didn’t end with that. 

A Little More Clarity

To add clarity, Chance relayed his sentiments on what went down. And in his perspective, the video shows the reality of the human condition. People go through things, and not everything is pretty. Furthermore, in his observation, the video is exploitative. Someone took advantage of an opportunity where two people tried to have a genuine moment. At the moment, in the video, he was checking on his friend. And in his words,

I and Others still have a lot of love for Ye. He’s human; he’s not perfect. Obviously, he was going through something at that time. Stuff happens.”

When it is all said and done, he still has a love for Ye and sees him as a friend. So take it how you want, that’s that.

Chance & Ye: What Now?

People will believe what they believe with or without explanation. And it wasn’t on Chance to clear up anything. What happened between him and Kanye in the studio is a personal issue. They should be allowed to deal with it on their terms. However, it takes a humble spirit to address things that should be between you and your friends. Good on Chance for being transparent and putting things into a proper context.

Written by: Renae Richardson

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