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Chance The Rapper’s Best Fashion Moments



Fashion, The Outlet For Self-Expression

Fashion allows people to show off a part of themselves in a form of self-expression. When walking on the street, the first thing noticed is what outfits strangers are wearing, it is the first thing everyone sees. Fashion has a way of speaking for himself, and Chance The Rapper is able to emphasize that. His humble yet bold style is able to show his true character. Here are Chance The Rapper’s best fashion moments!

Chance The Rapper Brings Back Overalls, One Of His Best Fashion Moments!

Chance The Rapper has an amazing way with fashion, in particular his simple yet bold style. One of Chance The Rapper’s best fashion moments occured at the 2016 VMA’s. Chance rocked a simple yet eyecatching full body set of beige overalls. He rocked the overalls with his matching beige sneakers to complete the look. Since 2016, bringing back overalls has become a major trend in fashion! Thanks Chance for bringing a childhood trend back!

Chance The Rapper at the 2016 VMA’s. Photo credits to Buzzfeed.

Chance The Rapper’s Style Is Clean, Cut, And Cute

A part of Chance The Rapper’s style is his clean yet cute demin jacket with pants, redefining classic hip hop fashion. He shows that his clean cut and cute style goes a long way. One of Chance’s constant fashion statements are his denim jackets, from simple to unique with designs on the back. Rather than showing off his power in fashion through flasy clothing, he uses simple elements to his look along with his signiture “3” hat. Chance is able to send the message that his fashion style is attainable for those who want to dress like him, which is why it’s one of his best yet signiture looks!

Photo from Pinterest!

Yellow Makes Chance Happy!

Chance the rapper pretty much knows how to wear everything, including bright colors! While the bright fuzzy sweater isn’t one of his signiture pieces in fashion, it has become one of his best looks. The bright yellow sweater and hat show off Chance’s boldness, while dressing simple at the same time. How can this photo not make you happy and want to snuggle up with Chance and his bright yellow sweater?

Chance shows his love for bold and bright fashion.

What’s Your Favorite?

Everyone has a different style of fashion depending on personal appeal and taste. While these are just a few of Chance The Rapper’s best fashion moments, what’s your favorite look on him? Be sure to let us know!

Sydney Geller | IG: @sydneyyyyy_g |

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