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#CherryJuice: Chris Brown Shaves Head For Greek Goddess Tattoo (VIDEO)



Chris Brown Got A Greek Goddess On His Head

What does one do when bored, there’s so many options like binge watch Netflix or shave your head to make way for some fresh ink. Chris Brown clearly chose the second option when he linked up with tattoo artist, King Rico to tat a picture of a Greek Goddess on his head while he worked on a new track.


The R&B singer must be running out of space on his body, so shaving a part of his head was the next available option. It can be argued that the goddess tattooed on Chris’s head is a rendition of the Venus de Milo Greek statue, however; we’ll need him to post a better picture on Instagram to clarify which Greek God was chosen.


Watch Chris Brown get his head tatted!

Annice Terre’ |Twitter: @anniceterre_ |IG: @anniceterre_


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