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Conservatives In An Uproar As Lizzo Plays James Madison’s Flute



Whether it is her apparel or ultra-body positivity, Lizzo seems to turn heads and create a stir. No matter what she does, Lizzo’s black girl magic is a conversation starter. A few days ago, the mega-talented artist triggered more controversy, but this time with a group of conservatives.

A Historical Moment

On October 28th, Lizzo stepped onto the concert stage with a lovely flute in hand. Fans of Lizzo are entirely aware and awed at Lizzo’s accomplishments as a flutist. This is not the first occasion Lizzo has walked on stage, mesmerizing her audience with the flute. However, this experience was uniquely historical. On this occasion, while under the concert hall’s brilliant lights, Lizzo held a historical artifact in her hand. Before the masses, she launched into a musical number with a silver-crusted flute once gifted to James Madison, the fourth President of the United States.

Lizzo Targeted by Conservative Backlash

Conservatives were aghast at the display and took to the media with indignation. Sadly, Lizzo’s name was smeared across multiple media platforms. Conservative Matt Walsh called the talented artist playing flute a “desecration of American history.” The Columbia Bugle referred to the staged affair as a “Humiliation Ritual.”

And another conservative defamed the entire Biden administration, expressing that Lizzo’s performance illustrated the current administration mocking the country.

.But, for those who know, the issue is not as simple as a skilled individual historically demonstrating musical talent.

The Elemental Issue

Lizzo is accomplished and highly qualified to play the flute before a nationwide audience. As the artist expounded in an earlier interview with CBS, she has been performing with the flute since grade school. The performing artist, even at one time, aspired to a career with the symphony. Lizzo told a news correspondent in 2019,

“Yes, I had dreams of being in a symphony. And I was training and studying with the principal flutist for the Houston Ballet since my junior year of high school. I was gonna go to Paris after U of H and study at the Paris Conservatory.

Secondarily, the Librarian of Congress permitted the artist her express approval to play the instrument. So, what is the legitimate justification behind the outcry?

Some might assert that the conservative detests the use of the treasured relic. The basis of this argument is that playing the flute would tarnish history. But to the counter, how does one instance of usage defile a relic or tarnish it? Lizzo’s display takes nothing away from the instrument’s history. The historical nature under which the flute was made and given remains unaffected.



A More Rational Reasoning

So, that leads to other reasoning underlining the conservative’s vitriol. Given some statements, it is more likely that the ire is not connected with the instrument usage but with who played it. One Pundit’s comment is telling. Jenna Ellis not only criticized the event but had less than choice words for the artist herself calling her “an abomination.”

For Lizzo, a Bright and Shining Moment

While many mock and rave, it does not take away Lizzo’s historical moment. The event is over and done. And no amount of frustrated rhetoric can change or diminish that. The biggest takeaway from this uproar is that haters will forever hate. But If Lizzo’s happy, nobody else matters. So, congratulations to Lizzo for her bright and shining historical moment; well done.

Written by Renae Richardson

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