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Conway the Machine Shocked by Kayne West’s Studio Expectations



Conway the Machine Shocked by Kayne West's Studio Expectations. Photo Credit:

Conway the Machine recently sat down to chop it up with Complex. In the interview, Conway was eager to give some insight into his Kanye West studio experience.

Conway, who shares a feature on Kanye West’s Donda project, reported feeling shocked upon arrival to Ye’s ranch in Wyoming. After receiving three strict instructions, he claims to have felt entirely out of his element.

“At Ye’s studio, drugs, alcohol, and phones were prohibited.”

What’s abnormal about these expectations?

Conway admits that’s not typical recording studio behavior. In fact, in his experience, Conway states he’s accustomed to the opposite.

“I’m used to studio sessions where it’s the homies around. It’s niggas smoking; its n****s drinking. You got ladies over here. You got n****s smoking over there, shooting dice.”

What was Conway the Machine Thinking?

According to Conway, initially, the situation was weird. However, one must wonder if Conway honestly thinks things would be different given West’s experiences.

Everyone knows, Ye does things differently. West lives to do the unexpected.

Given the circumstances surrounding the invitation, Conway still had expectations. Conway admits the entire session came about in a moment of spontaneity.

“He [Kanye] just got a feeling like ‘Yo, man. We should go right now to Cabo and just work on some music!’

So, seems that unusual studio rules would be standard. Thus illustrating West’s spur of the moment nature.

Conway’s Appreciation

One thing is sure Conway quickly got a firsthand lesson in all things Kanye. But he admits the session didn’t disappoint. And he has no regrets. Of the experience he notes,

“it was nothing for me. At the end of the day, I was just happy and blessed to even be welcomed in that man’s atmosphere.”

Uniquely, Conway the Machine’s interview with Complex was a welcome surprise for fans. Yet, anticipation remains high as many continue to wait for an official announcement for the release of ‘God Don’t Make Mistakes‘ Although there is no exact date, we promise to keep an ear out.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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