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Crunchy Black Shares Theory On Young Dolph’s Death With VLAD TV



Statements made by Crunchy Black (Darnell Carlton) in a recent VLAD TV segment give the public a lot to digest.

Crunchy Black on VLAD TV

VLAD TV held a spot for Crunchy Black on its platform on Feb 2. The interview was an interesting delve into some of the artist’s insights. However, what stood out was his theory regarding Young Dolph’s death.

During the interview, VLAD posed a question regarding the recent death of Tyre Nichols. And as expected, Black had a lot to say. 

The host led the discussion by indicating that it appeared as if the officers involved in the Nichols’ beating were operating under a substance. And the artist agreed. Black went on to recount accounts in which he was familiar where the police in Memphis had engaged in questionable and unethical behaviors. And in a harrowing statement, he added,

“They kept doing it so much I guess it led up to this.”

Black’s Theory on Young Dolph’s Death

While the interview was not directed toward Young Dolph, Black went on to drop a heavy bomb on the interviewer. According to his statements, he believes that the Memphis Police contributed to Young Dolph’s death. Three minutes into the video, Black begins to expound on the situation. Colton had this to say about the police involved in Dolph’s and Nichol’s death.

“Now it’s like they probably going through some things because they know their a** going to jail too. Their a** most definitely going to jail for this Dolph stuff!”

Of course, this is a theoretical statement based on his sentiments. There is nothing substantial to back up this hypothesis.

A History of Brutality

In November 2021, Young Dolph lost his life while visiting a local bakery. He fell victim to an ambush. But his was not the first life that would be claimed and not the last. Memphis, Tennessee, has a bloody and ugly history regarding police brutality. In fact, according to an article in the New York Times in 1968, police brutality was also a center point of conversation. During one of the most significant moments in history, part of a monumental event was directed toward the death of a teenager named Larry Payne

According to the source, “Mr. Lawson spoke passionately about a teenager by the name of Larry Payne. A few days prior, a Memphis police officer shot and killed Mr. Payne in a doorway outside the housing project he lived in, unbeknown to his mother, who was at home in their apartment less than a hundred yards away. “

And here we are today under similar circumstances holding up the loss of another life. So again, there is a call for an overhaul of a broken system.

On Crunchy Black

Crunchy Black is well-known in the industry for his association with Three 6 Mafia. Although Black’s missteps are on public record, he never shied away from his past and the things he caught himself up in. In 2021 VLAD had a candid interview with the artist about his industry collaborators and drug use, among other things. One thing of note was his authenticity and realness.


No one is to know whether the Memphis police force had a part in Young Dolph’s murder. However, we do know of the involvement of those in the force in Tyre Nichol’s death, which is enough to cause righteous indignation. The real question is, will this event finally tip the scales? Will it at least inspire the change that is no longer just desired but is required?

Written by Renae Richardson 

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