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DaniLeigh’s Brother Attempts to Cash Out, Sues DaBaby



DaniLeigh’s Brother Attempts to Cash Out, Sues DaBaby

DaBaby is back in the news! Unsurprisingly, DaBaby is being sued over the recent bowling alley altercation in SoCal by DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Bills. Brandon Bills also alleges this physical confrontation resulted in psychological damage, medical bills, and sustained disability. Bills have sued DaBaby for assault, battery, emotional distress, and negligence.

Video captured the incident showing DaBaby and Bills standing face to face moments before a brawl erupts into the bowling lanes. Law enforcement says they are now investigating DaBaby for assault with a deadly weapon, although he claims self-defense. DaBaby has now been banned from the bowling alley, Corbin Bowl — in Topanga, California.

Been Here Before

This is not DaBaby’s first lawsuit alleging assault. In 2021, a Runyon Canyon rental homeowner sued the “Tupac” rapper. The owner, Gary Pagar, alleged DaBaby assaulted him and stole his phone as Pagar attempted to shut down an unauthorized music video shoot in December 2020.

DaniLeigh’s Brother: Defending His Sister Or Looking For A Reason To Sue DaBaby?

Before the bowling alley debacle, Bills posted several threatening Instagram videos in hopes of arranging a one-on-one fight with DaBaby. In the first video, you’ll see Bills threatening DaBaby, yet defending his sister’s honor:

Bills’ interview with TMZ differed. You’ll see Bills make no mention of his sister and actually discusses a 200k bet.

“I’m got 200k on it myself, independently with my own bread.”

DaniLeigh’s brother even goes to the extent of saying,

“I’m not 69, I’m not none of these rap n****s, that be talking and can’t fight, I can actually fight”

Coincidentally, Bills did not throw one punch the entire brawl and actually walked out fairly calm. Now have a lawsuit.

But They Jumped Him... Yeah They Did, So What!

DaBaby has paid security to protect him. Protect him from physical harm, as well as legal liabilities. Although not perfect, his security detail succeeded.

Harsh Truth:

In this genre, physical harm could damage the DaBaby’s brand possibly tarnishing his career.

Legal liabilities can be paid with a 15-stop tour.

Written by Dante’ Daniel

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