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Desiigner Seeks Mental Help After The Airplane Incident



Desiigner Airplane Incident Makes Artist Seek Help
Desiigner. Image source: Diana Neff.

Following an incident on an airplane, Desiigner, also known as Sidney Royel Selby III, has decided to seek mental health assistance. In the wake of the situation, the artist urges others to prioritize mental health.

The Incident

On Apr 20th, Desiigner reportedly faced accusations of indecent exposure on a flight. The young artist allegedly exposed himself to a flight attendant. Upon arrival at his destination, the authorities questioned Desiigner about the incident. However, he was eventually let go.

Desiigner Speaks Out

Desiigner went on to explain himself via social media. According to the performer, he had struggled with his mental health for quite some time. The issue overseas led to Desiigner’s hospitalization.

Desiigner's Statement

Desiigner’s statement regarding the airplane incident. Image source: TMZ.

The “Panda” artist further explained how the doctors overseas prescribed him a new medication at the medical facility. Desiigner then had to fly back home. The artist’s unclear state of mind due to the reported chemical imbalance caused by the drug seemed to be an essential factor in the airplane incident.

Desiigner’s Sincere Apology

Desiigner went on to offer a public apology for his off-brand behavior. Understanding that he needed help, the artist continued pointing out that he would check himself into a mental health facility. So, per that decision, he is putting all other things on hold until he is well.

The Weightiness of Mental Health Issues

For years, the idea of seeking help for mental health issues has carried a stigma, leaving many to suffer in its wake. But for something so prevalent, it has become something one can no longer ignore.

According to the CDC, “mental illnesses are among the most common health conditions in the United States. Over 50% will receive a diagnosis of a mental illness or disorder at a point in their lives. And 1 in 5 Americans will experience a mental illness each year.”

However, despite the growing prevalence of mental health issues, sentiments for seeking help still in no way match the need. Unfortunately, many have crumbled under the burden of hiding their struggle. Because although there is much strength in seeking to be whole, the perception of appearing weak has left many vulnerable. Situations like the Desiigner’s one are not isolated. It just so happens that he has a place in the spotlight on a larger stage.

One Thing More

Desiigner ended his pronouncement by soliciting prayers for his situation and urging others to attend to their mental health. His statement read:

“Mental health is real, guys; please pray for me. If [you’re] not feeling like yourself, please get help.”

And it is with great hope that others facing similar issues will take heed.

In Conclusion

Today prayers go up for Desiigner that he may find the help he needs. And a big up goes out to Desiigner for his brave stance and ability to admit when he needed help. And even more importantly, taking action to pursue it.

Written by Renae Richardson

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