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Destiny Roberts, also known as “Dezzy Raw,” is a 26-year-old rapper from Saint Paul, Minnesota native, home of legendary Prince, and a “Jack of all trades.” Since the age of 10, Destiny’s been rapping, songwriting, and producing music. With all her giftings in music, media, art, and design, Dezzy is giving “Renaissance Woman” a whole new meaning. 

I first noticed Destiny at the 1st Avenue with her golden locs swinging on the stage to a melodic hip-hop sound that was earthy and celestial at the same time. Destiny’s unique style and authenticity reflect her spirit and spill out artistically through her music. With the drop of her infamous 2018 album, ‘Melanin Moon Mami’ to her 2021 visual Lil mami with the locs,’ which she produced, directed, and starred in, it’s safe to say this femcee is beyond talented.

Although Dezzy is well versed in her crafts- Music is what drives her purpose. Whereas some rappers do not consider the purpose of their lyrics’, Destiny is intentional about her’s. She creates a sound to help bring light into people’s lives.

In one Instagram post, the rapper reminded doubter’s that her musical existence wasn’t to be taken lightly, saying, 

 “Although I’m a “miracle baby” my birth was no accident. My “music” isn’t a hobby for me; it’s literally apart of my being and existence; it’s wrapped in my purpose in being here.” 

Outstanding visuals like “Homebound” and “The Roy G. Biv Tape,” which is my personal favorite, make this female rapper stand out from the rest. It was clear when she recently shared her musical influence with me in an interview on my podcast.

I could see why her light shines so bright. Ms. Lauryn Hill, Frank Ocean, Miguel, and André 3000 are just a few of the femcee’s favorites, but it’s clear her rap style, look, and sound is authentically her.

Destiny openly discusses her life’s obstacles in her music but isn’t shy of including her spirituality and faith. When asked if Destiny dealt with doubting herself, she responded honestly, saying, 

“I know the devil tries to break me down and make me feel like I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing but, God always sends someone to reassure me that I am.” 

There’s no stopping this female rapper now! With artists like Raphael Saadiq noticing her sound, she has the approval of the best in the game and can only level up from here. Stay on the lookout for her new music and TAP IN.

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