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Did Hollywood Unlocked Guess The Death Of Queen Elizabeth?



Queen Elizabeth/ Credit: Forbes

I woke up on February 22nd like it was any other day. After I brushed my teeth, I checked my phone for messages. I responded to a couple of emails and then I got on Instagram. I was scrolling and I came across a Hollywood Unlocked post. Queen Elizabeth Dead was the headline above a smiling picture of Queen Elizabeth.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee
Credit: IMDb

A Hollywood Unlocked Breaking Story

Hollywood Unlocked reports that the Queen of England was found dead. Queen Elizabeth was set to attend the wedding of Edward Enninful but was unable to. Hollywood Unlocked was the first and only source to report this story. One of two things was true. Either Jason Lee and his team have done some excellent reporting or their source has provided them with false information.

“Sources close to the Royal Kingdom notified us exclusively that Queen Elizabeth has passed away” via Hollywood Unlocked

Hollywood Unlocked uses the news of Queen Elizabeth recently contracting Covid-19 to validate their report. People have been losing their lives in large numbers ever since the pandemic started and Queen Elizabeth is not exempt from this pandemic.

The Hollywood Unlocked Spread Across The Internet

Many on the internet took the news to be true and begin spreading the news. Condolences for the queen started to pour out but things took a change in direction after the news received pushback.

The Pushback

On the following day, a fake Hollywood Unlocked Twitter account posted a retraction to the story. Jason Lee quickly denounced the recreation statement. He informs his audience that the retraction came from a fake account but the confusion had already set in.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

BuzzFeed received a denial from the Palace and the prime minister’s office spokesperson who says Queen Elizabeth attended a meeting that afternoon. Jason Lee still hasn’t released a retraction and the story can still be found on their website and social media pages. The next few days will reveal the truth but as of this moment, the news reported by Hollywood Unlocked is untrue.


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