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Diddy Revealed To Have Helped Musk Purchase Twitter



Diddy Twitter Investment Helped Musk's Purchase
Diddy. Image source: Paras Griffin/Getty Images.

Elon Musk’s purchase of the social media company Twitter continues to make headlines following the immediate aftermath. Much talk centered around the new potential policies Musk allegedly wants to implement. 

Despite the many hypotheticals, much remains unknown about this new management system. The unknowns even extend to who funded Musk’s purchase. No purchase of a multibillion-dollar entity like Twitter is a cut-and-dry transaction. 

Musk received investments from wealthy individuals. Names the public does not know. Some info floated around, but little confirmation was given. Until recently, when rapper, producer, and mogul Diddy revealed his investment in Musk’s Twitter purchase.

Diddy’s Investment

The rapper unveiled that he had invested 10 million dollars into Musk to make the purchase happen. Diddy’s amount serves as a drop in the bucket of the overall 44 billion dollar total. Other alleged investors include Wallstreet Banks and even world leaders. 

However, confirmation of that remains dubious. Diddy’s contribution appears minuscule and, to some, worthless. 

Regardless, the business-savvy mogul’s move fits into his typical model quite neatly. Diddy frequently invests in wide-ranging businesses, from music to fashion to cuisine and drink. He finds it helpful to always have a seat at the table. 

Apparently, Diddy finds it a good idea to be present at discussions among important people, even if no one asks his opinion. Simply being in attendance allegedly gives Diddy an opportunity to understand the ins and outs of essential decisions before most of the public. It allows the artist to access the information before almost anybody else, thus ensuring he can avoid being caught off-guard by any significant shake-ups in various industries.

The effect allows Diddy to make financial and investment calls with the most current information and ensure his continued business success. 

Indeed, having a seat in the new era of Twitter will allow Diddy to expand his already sizable business portfolio. With the mogul’s help, Musk promises a new age of social media under his ownership.

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Written by Ryan Fields

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