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DJ Khaled Announces (The G.O.A.T.) Jay-Z’s Collab on “God Did”



Dj Khaled has confirmed Jay-Z, otherwise known as Hov, has graced him with his presence on his 13th Album “God Did,” and he’s more than hype.

The Announcement

On August 1st Dj Khaled hopped on Instagram to let his fans in on what may be, to some, a little secret. It was obvious that he could hardly contain his excitement. The D.J.’s caption went something like this,


Those who didn’t know are now fully aware that Jay-Z has laid down some spitfire on Khaled’s upcoming album. Others may have caught a couple of the breadcrumbs Khaled dropped last month, indicating a possible collab.

Khaled’s Previous Announcement

According to another source, Jay was one of the first who got the opportunity to give Khaled’s “God Did” a listen. Khaled posted a photo of him and Jay in July 21st; his caption at the time read,

“They didn’t believe in us, HOV DID 🙌🏽💎And when HOV believes, more HISTORY is made. #GODDID

Now the world knows that a listen is not the only thing Jay blessed Khaled with.

Khaled’s Got the World’s Ears

However, Khaled wasn’t the only one amped about the announcement. Young Guru also had something to add. According to Guru, Khaled’s announcement was fire and only confirmed Jay-Z’s status in Hip-Hop.


And there weren’t a lot of objections. In fact, his stamp managed to stoke the fires a bit, parching a few in the process, leaving them wondering just how fire is Jay-Z’s part in this collab.

What’s all the Hype

Jay-Z has long since earned the title of one of the greatest. His flex is strong in Hip hop. In 2021 outlets reported Hov held the title for most Grammy wins for a rap artist. In that year, he won his 23rd Grammy According to Classic Hip Hop Magazine,

“From his beginnings back in 1996 with Reasonable Doubt to his 2017 release 4:44 — Jay-Z blew away the competition with an astounding13 platinum albums….as a solo artist. This puts Jay-Z at the #11 spot of the artists with the most album certifications.”

With over 26 years in the industry, massive discography, multiple awards and mentions, and unparalleled respect from his peers, Jay-Z’s presence on any project is an honor. And, when artists get a chance to collaborate with Hov, it’s a significant flex on their part. And, DJ Khaled has the opportunity to work with Jay again, which is a big boast.

Additional Details

Jay-Z is not the only fire artist that will appear on Khaled’s project. The D.J. has dropped a few more names, such as Drake and Lil Baby.


A date for the “God Did” release is yet to be reported; however, according to sources, the rollout is underway. So stay posted, and F.M. Hip Hop will provide updates as they happen.

Written by Renae Richardson

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