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Doja Cat Tested Positive For COVID



Doja Cat Has CoronaVirus!

Pop and hip hop sensation Doja Cat, best known for “Say So” shared that she tested positive for COVID 19. Originally, she downplayed the virus as the flu, as it can feel like the flu depending on the person and their symptoms.  For someone who said they were “not scared”, Doja Cat jinxed herself for COVID. Although she had corona, she decided to use her platform to share her personal experience with the virus.

Doja Cat Shares Her Personal Experience With COVID

With Doja Cat’s experience with COVID, she shared her experiences with the virus on Twitter last night. Everyone experiences various symptoms, which Doja Cat made clear in her Twitter responses. Before sharing the symptoms she went through, she made it clear that she no longer has the deadly virus.

With Doja Cat’s symptoms for COVID, she explained that she lost her taste, especially with bacon and her legs being in pain. Many were wondering if hip hop and pop sensation had any respiratory problems or a fever. While Doja Cat tested positive for COVID, she did not have any respiratory problems. Although, she did have a two day fever.

COVID Cases Vary

Even though Doja Cat got unlucky with her karma of saying she was “not scared” of COVID, she got lucky at the same time. Respiratory issues are one of the major symptoms that many people suffer from. Her responses reveal that her experience seemed to be mild, but she is still unsure how she got it! Doja Cat’s guess was that she contracted the virus from ordering in food, but emphasizes that she no longer has the virus, feeling stronger than ever!

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Although Doja Cat downplayed the virus as the flu, she found out she had COVID by taking the test! Even if it feels like the flu, take the COVID test anyways. We learned a lesson from Doja Cat through her experience and the importance behind COVID testing, stay safe!

Sydney Geller | IG: @sydneyyyyy_g |

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