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Donell Jones Thankful to Be Alive After The Recent Car Accident



Donell Jones Is Thankful to Be Alive
Donnell Jones and his car. Image source: Prince Williams, Wireimage; Instagram, donelljonesforever, Screenshot.

January 10th, a grateful Donell Jones took to Instagram to recount a recent experience that could have ended up a fatality. A tired Jones fell asleep at the wheel while driving and, as a result, found himself in a ditch.

Despite the damage caused to his vehicle, he walked away unscathed. Jones could hardly contain his gratitude for the lesson learned. And in a brief Instagram post, he shared his thankfulness for God’s protection and offered a few words of wisdom for others.


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Donell Jones

In 1996 sultry crooner Donell Jones knocked R&B fans off their feet. “My Heart,” Jones’s debut album, showcased his silky-smooth vocals, and listeners fell in love. Music was undeniably his soul force. However, the wide reception of singles “You Know What’s Up, and “Where I Want to Be” made it clear that the music industry was not only where he wanted to be but belonged. Jones was the consummate artist, and displaying his proficiency through vocalization was only a subset of his skills. He also proved himself to be a solid lyricist. According to All Music, his penmanship for artists such as Usher and 702 demonstrated the extension of his gift.

Jones “100% Free”

Donell Jones’s discography lists eight studio albums released over the past 25 years. Jones’s latest release came eight years after the 2013 drop, “Forever.” His latest project, “100% Free,” dropped in 2021 and was unique. For Jones, the release was symbolic of his present. In his words, “I used to think negatively. I smoked cigarettes. I smoked marijuana on an everyday basis … All those things, just fell away. I’m not interested in those things any longer. I’m free.”

The Overcomer

Like all artists, Jones’ life has been full of ups and downs. But he’s kept it one hundred, not hiding his struggles. His transparency is worth applauding. Being open in a society that first devours before extolling virtue is not easy. But, in this case, it’s not only his openness that is worthy of highlighting. What sets Jones apart is his indomitable spirit.

Donnell Jones is an overcomer. And he believes that everyone has it in them to do the same. As the singer said in a 2020 interview with the Chicago Defender,

“Whether it’s an addiction to social media, pills…anything, we can be addicted to people too. We must overcome those things and understand loving ourselves is more important than anything.”

And nothing is more bankable than a statement from someone with experience.


So today is a good day. There could have been another story to report. The headline could read of tragedy, but rather it’s one of grace and joy. And in a time where negative news is one’s daily portion, this is a highlight worth reporting.

Written by Renae Richardson 

Edited by Nikita Serdiuk

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