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Dr. Dre and Eminem’s New Collaborative Project Surfaces



One can only imagine the surge of fanaticism when hip-hop heads learned of Dr. Dre and Eminem’s latest collaborative project.

According to Hotnewhiphop, a small snippet of Dre and Eminem collaborating has surfaced. Reportedly, the feature will be on the newest GTA (Grand Theft Auto) franchise release. Like a fan’s dream, a source indicates that not only will the GTA release include collabs by Dre and Eminem.

The update will also feature Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Anderson Paak and DJ Pooh.

This is About Eminem and Dr. Dre

When Dre hits the studio and Eminem grabs the mic, magic happens.

Fans are here for it every time. History writes that Dre’s been a massive force in Em’s career. He’s been there from the very beginning. In an earlier interview, Eminem said this of his mentor and partner,

“It’s an honor to work with Dre, and now, I’m past the honor stage. Now it’s like, we developed–it’s more than a business, a friendship now.” – Eminem.

Eminem and Dr. Dre Fated Partners

Dre needed Em as much as Em needed him. As the 2017 article in Hotnewhiphop relays.

While Eminem was out there spitting bars, Dr. Dre was looking for his next artist. The good doctor’s Interscope deal was fraught with back-to-back early flops, and pressure was building.

So, Dre. hit up EM.

As a funny side note, “The Hood Surgeon” didn’t even realize Mather’s real identity upon reaching out,

The Doctor (Dre that is)  is noted as once saying,

“When I heard Em for the first time, I didn’t even know he was White. I just knew I wanted to work with him.”

This proves, once and for all, that talent is talent and certainly colorless.

From then, as the world knows, things were a wrap. Dre, the predecessor, and Eminem the lyrical Killah’s partnership was cemented as hip-hop magic.

Dre and Eminem’s Path

A source notes, Dre was on board for Eminem’s signature banger “My Name is,” a hit that certified Marshall Mather’s as the incomparable hip-hop artist he is. The duo has been like partners in crime since.

And without a doubt, their work is always solid. To their credit, the pairing has released at least 18 collaborative works, which includes favorite “Forget About Dre.”

So As icon DJ, Khaled would say, “And Anotha One.”

Now they are doing the thang again and here’s the proof. So here is to Dre and Eminem for putting out one more for culture. May legends never stop.

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Written by Renae Richardson



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