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Drake Allegedly Has A History With Ye’s New Girlfriend Julia Fox



Image Source: Drake's Instagram Account
Image Source: Drake's Instagram Account

In the world of celebrities, it’s pervasive to see stars date someone a peer or other celebrity has dated. Drake, our generation’s most prominent artist, has a history of actually being linked with his former enemy Ye’s new girlfriend Julia Fox, at least according to Page Six

The two have patched up their former beef & even performed together on stage. Unfortunately, both fans & the internet, in general, are instigating the old situation due to this information coming out. A source also reported to Page Six that Ye was not a fan of this when Julia Fox delivered the news about Drake.

Drake’s History With Julia Fox

Since Drake has a history of relations with Ye West’s new girlfriends, let’s look at it ourselves. The source says Drake initiated things with an Instagram DM in early 2020 & praised Julia Fox for her role in Adam Sandler’s film Uncut Gems. Later on, they met up & got drinks together in February 2020 and saw each other several times. After staying at the Canadian rapper’s famous mansion in Toronto, her visit ended earlier than planned due to borders closing because of Covid-19. Upon coming home to the US, she rekindled her ex, Peter Artemiev.

Drake Allegedly Has A History With Kanye's New Girlfriend Julia Fox

Ye & Julia Fox, Image Source: Getty

Should This Matter For Drake Or Ye?

While I understand why Ye would be upset if this is true, I think he & Julia will move past this. It was a situation that happened before they started dating & the beef with Drake is over already. It can be annoying to hear about & deal with, but “fans” will be fans. None of the celebrities involved have spoken on this at all yet. How would you feel if you were Ye? Read more of FM Hip-Hop’s featured articles today.

Written by: Oryah Brown | Instagram: @oryah.wav

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