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Dre Impresses with Massive Half Time Show



Dre Impresses with Massive Half Time Show. Photo Credit:

Since its first announcement, Hip-Hop fans have been anxiously looking forward to Dre’s Superbowl Half-time show. What fans got was an absolute treat. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and Fifty took us back. The vibe was hard.

Dre & Snoop Make A Masterful Half-Time Show Entrance

The energy was electric once Dre and Snoop strolled onto the Half-Time show stage. The smooth rolled off the two. Dre took his seat at the helm of soundboard lacquered in white and dropped the beat. The energy rose times ten as Snoop and Dre performed Snoop’s anthem “The Next Episode.” Snoop D.O.G.G. didn’t stop there. Snoop descended into a Jam session and segued into California, famous by late colleague Tupac.

Dre’s Production Skills Shine

During the Half-Time show, the transitions were as smooth as butter. Snoops set segued to Fifty, mic in hand, surrounded by a crew of female dancers as he performed “In Da Club.”

Next was the Queen Mary J. Blige sparkling in white and silver belting out “Dance for Me.” Before the set ended, she ascended like a queen ascending to her throne. She rocked the stage, giving us classic Blige. The queen took us straight down memory lane. “No more Drama,” and no more pain. She poured every bit of herself into her Half-Time show performance before relenting in a full-on collapse.

Dre Impresses with Massive Half Time Show

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Dre’s Protégé’s On Deck

Kendrick took center of the Half-Time show stage with his posse in black. Then his entire crew stepped out of the box to perform, “Alright.” We bobbed our heads not only to the fly lyricism but to the message. Master lyricist Eminem followed with “Lose Yourself.” His flow was still immaculate—no need for shiny apparel when your talent is truly brilliant.

Dre Impresses with Massive Half Time Show

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Closing The Half-Time Show

Dre upped the bar one final time. He strode onto the Half-Time show set and sat down to tickle the ivory’s, demonstrating he is not only a rapper and producer extraordinaire. He is a musician. His rendition of Pac’s “I Ain’t Mad at You” on the keys reminded the spectators won’t forget about Dre. He didn’t stay long at the keys before the beat dropped. Once more. He and Snoop dropped another classic, “Still Dre.”

Dre Impresses with Massive Half Time Show

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Hip Hop halftime was the highlight of Superbowl 56. Not only did it raise the energy, but it kept us right in the pocket. Jay-Z was spot on when he said, “This is history in the making.” Congratulations to Dre for producing a stellar show.

Written by Renae Richardson

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